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Default Viasue & rc

You are correct in that Viasue and RC have joined together, teamed up to provide our USB Solution for lap Counting and lap Timing. Here is a link to our USB / joint web site for greater detail....but generally speaking we usually do our customer trouble shooting / customer support VIA our Direct Email Support from Viasue for hardware and RC for Software....this way not using SCI Forum resources / and band width etc for our direct client support....We try to keep it kind of light in this forum...often the first contact folks have with us here at SCI is for pre sales info and things like that.BUT For support we always redirect to our email support resources.

BUT RC does have a forum for their software only which is the best way to get Dave's attention for general software related questions and or general support...I would not want you to think he is not replying to you or for you to think I am he etc.

He does not get notice for posts at our forums....and as mentioned VIASUE supports hardware for our Printer port systems and the VIASUE-RC USB Hardware support....Otherwise RC / Dave is the best go to source for questions related to his r.m.s. = RC, for settings or general how to , FAQ etc etc. Given Dave is the best source we do not try to speak for him unless it is related to our joint USB project and at that usually for USB installation type support only via our email support resources / data base /cc inclusion / spell check etc etc. and we cant easily do those email type procedures in the forum setting


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