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I would be interested in something like this too. We already have a good amount of slot car shows or swap meets across the US, but there is a thin manufacturer presence, if any. Maybe some sort of "manufacturer's row" or something at a show to show off their new fancy products, similar to a tradeshow booth. Stuff that can spruce the shows up a bit and connect the makers with the racers.

Also maybe set aside a small space for presentations, which could be technology improvements, product demos, how-to or educational things like how and why to use aftermarket tires, the best paint to use for different materials, etc. This would also be great for dad and son, to maybe start working on their cars a bit more--get them more interested & more deeply involved.

I also think having a running track is an absolute necessity. Set a time limit if there's a crowd, and allow anyone to run their cars + controllers on the track but have loaners & track controllers for people to give it a shot. Include it and promote it with the show, not just some guy posting on Facebook that he's bringing a portable track, but essentially guaranteeing it to be there because it's been advertised on the flyer. If space permits, build 1/32 and 1/24 scale tracks too. The more the merrier. And the more people we can help to see the fun in what we do, the more likely they are to stay with it, which helps sustain the hobby for the future.
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