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Arrow I doubt you're mistaken. However ...

Originally Posted by NicoRosberg. View Post
Gary B must be pretty old by now, but the Cronins will be around a good while yet.

Tony P may be gone now, but Roger seems to be building a good reputation, and I hope he will bring out a chassis eventually.
But, if the hobby is to grow (the goal of SCI being to help with this) then more complete information is needed to help folks along.

Who is this old Gary B guy, or the Cronins for that matter? What have they to do with anything (this poll in particular)?

Same thing applies to Tony P, not to mention this Roger fellow (presumably not related to the rabbit).

More to the point, what products have they brought to market, and what can we expect from them in the future? Why are they relevant?

Because I'll tell you what. If HO Slot Racing (or any scale, for that matter) isn't approachable and understandable to the newcomer then it sure as hell isn't going to grow and will surely stagnate at a similar rate to the participants involved. And if those participants are just a bunch of old men acting like it's some secret club only for the cognoscenti then that's just freaking sad.

Operator? Information! Get me someone on the line who's ready to help out!

This, by providing their knowledge and expertise on SCI (and other venues of course) as to what's going on in a way that's comprehensible to all, particularly those who are insufficiently aware of the products. Slot car racing is NOT a secret club unless you treat it that way, which can only be to the detriment of the hobby.

And being as I'm blowing off steam, please ask yourselves this - I'll use Autoworld as an example being as they're a popular target for folks to vent their vitriol. What's more useful, really? Trashing a product because it's junk (even if true) or letting people know what you've done to fix this junk and make it worthy?

Please people, take a look around this site sometime, objectively. Not just the HO stuff. Look at the various forums on different topics including different scales, and how so much of it is about sharing information and solutions, as well as news about new products and business developments.

Because there is so much collective knowledge in your heads that could be useful to new recruits to our hobby, and that is surely a key factor in helping it grow instead of fading into hobby history.
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