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Originally Posted by Speedhoppy View Post
I am asking this question because I don't know; has there ever been a state/regional/national "convention" for the slot car industry? I am not talking about "swap meets" or the various club get together, but something broader in scale.......

In my chosen (now retired from) field of work (Credit Union Industry), our Illinois Credit Union League (Trade Association) holds an annual convention (usually at a hotel in the Chicago area) of 2-3 days, which includes speakers on the industry, classroom sessions on related topics for management/staff of state credit unions to attend, and an exhibit area where all related vendors/business partners can have a booth to demonstrate their products. It is also a social network, allowing CU employees and management from across the state to interact and share ideas "face to face".......

Imagine such a thing done for the slot car industry, sponsored by the various associations, the major manufacturers (this would include all scales, not just HO), even Slot Car Illustrated!

Educational Sessions could include: 1. Modifying various chassis; 2. Proper painting techniques for plastic/Lexan/cast-resin bodies; 3. Utilizing the "new" technologies to make parts (chassis/bodies/wheels/etc.); 4. The "State of The Union" of the Industry itself. That list could be whatever was determined relevant.

Who could/ would be the speakers? Any number from the slot car movement , including members of this Forum, and from the manufacturers, clubs, etc.

Demonstration races could be/should be held (in all scales), as well; would that not attract interest?

The question is whether or not everyone who could contribute would participate, and whether or not the funding would be there. I don't know if it is feasible to do a National meeting (would / has the U.K. done this?), or regional, but that is something I would want to attend.

Again, if this has been done (I might be operating in a vacuum here), share what the results were; maybe (if it failed) it could be improved ........

I haven't gotten thru all the posts so forgive me if this has been answered but yes that would be my outside the loop question about conventions and if so how are they set up. Here's one that just ended in my field which is coins, this being held every January in Orlando and is the Florida United Numismatists Convention, either the largest coin show of the year or one of the top 2 or 3 for sure with as many as 20,000 people walking thru those doors from wednsday-sunday:
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