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No matter how good the cars are, if you force your customers to jump through stupid hoops like calling them on the phone to check inventory, or mailing in a physical order form, your business will die. None of these high performance chassis builders has a proper online store on their website, which is hampering every aspect of their business unnecessarily. If you don't have a working web store, you're automatically left in the dust compared to other businesses who do. I get the "keep it small" aspect since a lot of these are "cottage" type shops, but at some point you need to grow the customer base or risk losing out altogether. Slottech in particular is using the .biz domain rather than .com, which automatically turns people off because .biz is generally used for spam or identity theft sites.

Every slot car website I've ever been on looks shady and potentially spammy. People need to stop making their stuff look like my geocities page from 20 years ago, and make something that people can actually trust.
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