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Originally Posted by daufderh View Post
This offering is a 100% PnP lap timing system. Assuming we continue down the current path you either buy all of it or none of it. I would imagine some day in the future we could potentially offer customizations, like the ability to use your own sensors, relays, that kind of thing, but for now this is just the lap counting portion of a track interface. We're focussing first on the most important piece of race management. Once we have established a system that "just works" by plugging a few cables in, we'll turn our focus to offering more advanced features.

With that said, you can always augment it on your own without modifying what we are providing. RC supports connecting multiple track interfaces to the same PC. So you could take our lap counting offering and pair it with a 0/0/4 phidget relay and do per lane relays on your own. You'd have to configure it yourself but the PnP system will auto configure then you just need to add in your 0/0/4 relay configuration which I can help with as needed (in the forums for support or email).

Thank you Dave (RC) for providing some clarification ......on the P&P offering and pointing out what can help future track owners &/or current track owners. As well what they can look forward to in the ways of novice and advanced options or parts, in the foreseeable future. Thank you for pointing out the focus is on the P&P offering and how it and other track set ups can be used / combined, with RC and the P&P system.

The multi track set up is a great feature of RC. I felt the widget and control question was better answered by RC, given you have helped this track owner in the past, VIASUE does not want to step on toes or complicate an earlier interaction. Your answers and support are appreciated very much....thanks for stepping in and offering support Dave....If I could only put you on speed dial or fit you into my back us in yours! One thing is for sure,you are first in our list of top quality and knowledgable go to people !!

Dare I predict that:: Folks are going to Love this Plug & Play Offering. Once it gets vetted by track owners and the word gets out how It Is 100% Plug&Play For Real and that it "Just Works" right out of the box......ready to race with

As you know Dave we both feel RC's and VIASUE's efforts to provide a P&P offering is going to bring in a lot of new track owners to the racing community! New blood so to speak. Current track owners blood will be reinvigorated once they and other track owners understand ,all they need, is an oem plastic race set, connect the hardware, let the CD auto install, then click Race!! Nothing hard or difficult about it....RC & VIASUE have made sure that we have removed all of the difficulties for the track owner so they can stage high quality, very competitive and accurate races!! From there "The Hard Part Is" setting & breaking new track, driver and car records. As you know Dave all results can be saved, shared, emailed or simply printed out for hard copy record keeping.


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