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Default Bare Bones Systems

Hi Thanks for asking:: What we are presenting in the photo, for example, of the 4 lane afx plug and play system, is what we consider a bare bones system that VIASUE & RC will jointly support, from there upward in advanced options, or configurations. You may want to upgrade to an 8 lane system by ordering another 4 lane plug and play system and by connecting both to RC, you would have an 8 lane, that is supported and can easily be done via our support and system methods. Support in the way of the install CD and help files found on it, software help files, how to online videos, web page support, forum support and email support ...we are in plain site, can be reached easily and are here to help if we can, the best way we can :>)

We are looking at options beyond the bare bones system as "ADD ON's" or "Hop up's" as some car folks call improvements to their cars...same concept for the P&P systems....People order the bare bones system and then order add on items that track owners get from us and that we support via our hardware and software offerings, including technical support for both IF needed.The plan is, the system will install correctly and "Just Work" That is to say, work as plug and play.That being the case owners will not need much support. Other than the time it takes to learn any software or hardware product.


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