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Correct the Bare Bones system does not have track control as it sits right now, as presented in the photo.

BUT it can have the track control option you want just by asking for it, including a very small hop up....fee of about 15$. The concept in having add ons or hop ups , which mean the same thing ....In that track owners get a bare bones system, that is fully race functional PnP system, for a great price, for less than any DIY 4 lane system.The owner does not even need screw driver The track owner only needs to pay for options, parts or configurations, if they need them or want them.

We also would not like charging folks for an option they do not plan to use.... :>( other than IF the item is required to run the system to the best of its ability. Such as our 4 lane light bridges. Which are very good looking high quality bridges,that can be easily turned into track decor / design, such a Pedestrian bridges or start finish bridges etc etc:>)


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