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Plug and Play is a demanding standard....there is a lot to live upto and alot to deliver....I have been offering printer port PnP systems for years ....this new platform is so far beyond the past technologies, it is actually very hard to realisticly compare older ports or adapters etc etc. The same for comparing PnP to DIY. 2 very different things...But I am sure there is a blend of options that will provide as plug and play as possible solutions for the majority of users....

As Dave correctly points out the difficulties is not with our system but with the oem's track its self, for connection points etc etc which is out of our control or realistic pnp support.

Now days there are hybrids. Perhaps that is what we would call a plug and play solution that requires some hybrid / user hands on / perhaps a screw driver effort by the user but as minimal user effort as the end providing a user friendly set up to reduce support efforts....providing wire connection leads and connectors is the easy part

PnP is the standard we are focusing on, with the broadest possible user inclusion possible

Thanks y'all VIASUE

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