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Just thought I'd post here that I just finished my system stress tests. I hooked up some IR sensors to my parallel port and then on a second computer hooked up our platform. So about 3 feet away on the track I had two completely independent sensor setups. For our platform I set the min lap time to 1 second so that if there was a false detection I'd report it.

In 3 days of testing (running for 60-90 minutes non-stop each time), I ran a total of about 5400 laps on two lanes. The parallel port recorded 1 less lap than our USB platform. The very first night I tested, I got one false lap on our platform. I did all this testing without a light bridge so it could easily have been a shadow over the sensor (shortly before the false lap I saw a stink bug fly by, I didn't see it go by over the sensor but who knows).

Even if it was a true false detection, 1 bad lap in 5400 is a very good success rate. A proper min lap time (which by the way should be at least half your normal lap time) would have sorted out the false detection and aside from some "strange" lap times, the lap count would have been spot on...

All in all, I'm very pleased. I think this is going to be an incredibly easy to use system that will support the full range of features Race Coordinator supports.

EDIT: Did one more 2 hour test. 1600+ laps on two lanes. That's about 8600 laps with only 1 error...

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