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Default How to video

Once we come out with the DIY offering perhaps you could do a How To Video with a little bit of our actually is very easy to set the usb system up. ....a VIDEO would show just how easy it is to do once you install the sensors correctly :>) we also can build the custom light bridge you will need....

For our Ho 4 lane printer port systems we offer 100$ or a HO 4 lane printer port system....for a "how to set up video" for the printer port system. There is a very good chance we will select your video for providing support via the video, on our web site , on our set up CD's , you tube etc etc.
It just needs to be informative and quickly and easily show how to set up the hardware and install race software and show how to set up the race software....Thats it :>)

You could win and help other DIY ers
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