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Default Tyco Plug&Play No Problem

Hi thank you for asking we can easily build our system into your track type. We can install our system into just about All Track Types. Please contact viasue directly via email at [email protected] for greater detailed info and conversation of what you need but so far its no problem to provide a 2 lane Tyco USB 100% Plug & screw drivers, drills or DIY other than connect the hardware, power up your PC let the Instal CD do its Auto installation and then click "Start Race"......and you will be racing !! Its just that easy &/or {Plug & Play}

You can save your races and share them or print them out and we can cover any other needs you have including pricing, delivery dates and any other Add On, options you may want....via an email conversation.

Right now you can find our 4 lane USB PnP systems on sale at for AFX 15" track or AFX slot car lap timers....and you will see our USB PnP systems as well as our Printer Port Systems (non usb system) both types will be found in the ebay search is a link to one of the systems On Sale for a price well below full retail
We will price your 2 lane well below retail as well !! Please contact VIASUE via e-mail at [email protected] we will do the rest for you

PS Please visit our web site here is a helpful link

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