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This is my 1st post out of SCX Digital and probably my last b/c I tend to annoy people getting off topic. Anyway, I came from rc cars to digital slots. I could not be happier with digital slots b/c it is way more enjoyable to race/share digital slots with kids/other people vs rc cars. I have been looking for a RMS to increase the realism of the slot experience. RC manufacturers have recently greatly increased the user interaction with rc cars using telemetry software and integrated wifi/bluetooth and the user's smart device. There has to be a convergence in the future between mini rc cars and digital slots with RMS . That would bring tons more users to digital slots. Right now if the future SCX WOS app doesn't deliver I am going to have to invest in either the Scorpius or Viasue/RaceCoordinator system. In a fairy land I would have a RMS option that would just interact with the SCX WOS power module's factory bluetooth.
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