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Originally Posted by injeCoctorman View Post
Nice concept but then you limit the range of products offered by the manufactures and stifles development. Don't forget mass production leads to the cheapest option to manufacturers, not necessarily the best technology available. Currently we have multi protocol products in the market that can run analogue and digital etc. So in a real world it can't work. And again the big 3 console manufacturers prove this with all 3 having different systems for the best part of 20 years with no arguments from the masses. Why should one company share their latest innovations with their opposition.
WE at VIASUE love these two posts :: This is our take on them ::Simply stated none of us would have what we call Personal Computers (PC's) "as we know them today" IF it was not for the mission statement of IBM "To share FREELY the advances of IBM'S technical advances" with the masses INCLUDING other OEM'S to build AFFORDABLE "Clone PC's to make it possible to have a Personal Computer in every home and workplace world wide....this would have never happened IF all technology WAS THEN OR IS NOW handled as PROPRIETARY ...not yelling just going BIG ....This concept of affordability and world wide consumption was spearheaded by leading example of FORD MOTOR COMPANY one more counter to "Proprietary" anything....which by the way "Proprietary Black Listing" contributes o tmany if not all hardware and software arguments AND failures, of the past ( like modems and faxes that could not even "handshake" for a common connection due to the lack of protocols and standards back then and even today.) ..expossed again VIA this friendly post / friendly argument / and desires for a better hobby via efforts like VIASUE's and RC's...
To be totally fair IBM only shared enough technology to achieve their goal of a PC for every household ...but IBM rarely built systems for other oem's or vice versa at least not until IBM achieved its primary company mission in spades
OH lets not forget to thank the FORD companies efforts to mass produce for the masses , world wide....affordable cars !! We dont see Maserati's for anyone, now do we ??

In defense of the Italian Maserati its a great platform...and we would like to point out, perhaps in contrast,, the Germans back in WWII built the Biggest, strongest, Quickest, Fastest and most deadly platforms world wide.....just ask any WWII vet....HOWEVER allies S H A R I N G their advances defeated the "Proprietary Death Machine" of the Germans...THEN German advancements were back engendered and shared world wide...just ask NASA

Thanks for contributing to our forum ...its folks like you who keep our hobby going >>>-------->


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