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Default Phidget help

Hi are you saying you have a viasue printer port system and you are interfacing it with a phidget board ?...??

We'll assume the printer port system, , prior to interfacing it with the phidget board, was working correctly.

So we wonder what you are seeing in windows device manager once you have the printer port interfaced with Your phidget board... given its not working,,, we figure you are not seeing an extra com ( a phidget board ) port listed in device manager....IF not then your board is not being seen properly and perhaps is not using the correct driver for your boards built in com I/O interface.

If you have the incorrect drivers or the device is not in windows device manager then you will be dead in the water.

IF you have a VIASUE printer port system then we can build you a proper interface to plug our PPort into and interface with our USB system...
You can set up RC for two tracks, seen as one, using a pport and our usb system or your phidget board then you can run as one track or two individual tracks assigned as the correct devices etc.

RC will work the same way with a pport / serial / phidget / arduino / virtual com port etc etc Dave of RC is the best people to ask about RC uses and configuration settings / interface options or settings ......for RC software support Dave is the best !!

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