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My friends who aren't into slot racing (pretty much everyone I know, male and female) tend to characterize the hobby as, "a bunch of overweight, socially challenged men huddling together in a basement on a Saturday night."

I'm not sure what that says about me!

Sometimes I get the feeling that, really, we're not a terribly social bunch, maybe? Or too competitive for our own good?

I'm in California's 'Portrait of Dorian Grey' City, Sacramento, and don't have a problem opening up my home and track to fellow racers (the track is not in the basement, though, so there goes that part of the observation).

It's only a 4x6 'lonesome George' single laner, but has timing and a honkin' adjustable power supply, is wired like the professional tracks, and—if you'll permit a moment of immodesty—has a good rhythm, I think, and is challenging without being overwhelming. The spiral has a consistent bank to it and it's faster than you might think it would be, it's my favorite part especially going uphill, balancing the car with the throttle and gathering momentum towards the short straight.

It doesn't have guardrails, is the thing. I rarely fly cars off it anymore, but that would be a possibility. It's like a a 1:1 public road in the mountains, take it to the limit at your own risk.

I do.

If you're game, PM me. And, yes, I'll likely be here on a Saturday night.


Boopie: I worked around the paddle thingie, just routed two slots side by side for travel in either direction. Cars don't seem to notice the other slot. Next time I'd cut the slots closer together in certain places, so they share the inside conductor which is the same polarity on both sides.

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