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Default Analog Pit Stops and Refueling

Right out of the Plug and Play box or Kit you can race fuel or non fuel pitting / stopping over your lane lap sensor...the time spent pitting relates to how much fuel you A :>)

HOWEVER as we speak RC is testing VIASUE isolated pit stop sensors that will be included as an "ADD ON" Feature built within the sensor track of your track type for a P&P experience.

For kits wanting isolated pit cable and sensors from our usb processor will have pre soldered / wires terminated by our pit stop sensors...for layouts upto 16 lanes for kit and P&P....

Sooooo for now you can pit for fuel "AS IS" for P&P or Kit for no extra charge OR isolate your pit sensors from your fuel sensors...for a cost to be determined but for sure under 100$ for a 1 to 4 lane layout = one shielded cable with 1 - 4 pit sensors...two shielded cables for 5 to 8 lanes ...and two usb processors with cables and sensors for 9 to 16 lane usual ...all are physically shielded ( due to electronic physics ) from electronic noise and its issues , of course ;>)

GO ! VIASUE & RC cant loose !!
PS :: Soon To Be Released a 3 lane routed layout video showing ALL of VIASUE and RC Features including every plug and play / kit add on features of= call, individual lane relays OR one master relay, heat leader LEDs( in track, tower, billboard or light bridge as possible variations), race countdown tower, fuel pits, isolated pit stop sensors...everything is fully shielded ...the only add on not shown will be our shielded quick disconnect couplers ( shown at our web site as an add on purchase )

PPS:: What is next in our bag of tricks = W I F I is in R&D as well

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