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I ask as some LPT keys used to unlock software etc. require power. This in that the PCI-e cards do not supposedly have the DC out on the LPT pins. I wasn't sure if this was not wired to run as an electronic powered DC relay. I was not about to rip the covers off to see what it was so thanks.

PCI-e does not use the standard address for LPT but LT 2000 supposedly allows a different address. RC seems a bit different but it is Dot net 4.5 so it should use windows set addresses for the LPT so we shall see. I do know defaults on PnP did not work for either.

The bad is all the old utils I relied on were for Win 200m and before and since direct hardware addressing is not allowed in WHQL I may just have to program my own diagnostic tools, Yuck.
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