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First, make sure your sensor track section is clean. Clean rails and pickup shoes using an ink eraser if a dead strip, or blow out photo cell sensors using a compressed air can. Since your times appear to be off by a factor of 2 it appears sensor failure to detect the car at each pass could be part of the problem.

In my opinion the Best and cheapest way to count laps and lap times is to use an old computer running DOS and SRM (Slot Race Manager) software (available for FREE on the internet). You can easily find an old DOS, Windows 95, or 98 computer and install DOS on it for FREE. It works great. I have used it with both photo cells and dead strips. Computer connection is via the parallel port and an old printer cable (a dollar or less at any flea market) is ideal for making the connection. The manual is a little hard to understand at first and you'll have to download the software on a internet capable computer and then transfer to the DOS computer. The AUTOEXEC.BAT file on the DOS computer can easily be setup to boot directly to SRM

The time measurement in DOS is somehow better than Windows and you avoid all the M$ update issues discussed above.
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