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Actually up to Windows 98, windows itself ran on top of DOS. Windows ME was the non NT core that actually had DOS shell under it. They all were, up to using the NT core, a true DOS environment.

Now the reason for the old system is multifold.

1.) runs a true 8 bit OS, no shell to try and run the app or having it within a sandbox.
2.) there was no direct hardware access protection. important for these devices to maintain as accurate time as possible considering the slower systems.
3.) true legacy LPT support. Proper address for the LPT range along with true ISA bus and non remapped IRQ or other resources.
4.) the machines had little to no hardware deviations or iterations. They were what they were from one OEM to the next.
5.) no true multitasking. This becomes especially true of those older and slower CPU's.

Even LT2K prefers the older OS's.......

Edit, I'll agree if it is free to try, then do it. The only thing you loose is some time but in the end you gain an education as well.

Edit 2; I just got a new white light Gantry from Viasue. While I do not think it would have helped the OP I can tell you I can now run the gantry at stock height. This means it looks like the White over blue LEDs provide about 1/2" more reach to allow the lap sensors to trigger.

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