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Originally Posted by YHR View Post
This is a prime example of why standards in the Digital slot car world are necessary. How and why would a third party develop anything based on other proprietary hardware.

However a set of standards developed for this industry would allow VIASUE and others to have a degree of confidence that what they were spending there time and effort on could not be subject to the whims and actions of another party where they could be left high and dry.

We have already seen that with SCX digital. Their failure hurts all who have invested in that system. Had standards been used then the orphaned SCX digital stuff still could be matched with the survivors equipment, and not been a total loss to those unfortunate consumers.

Hornby is in financial trouble now. So what is next. Could Scalextrics be sold off to someone who has a different vision of what slot car racing should be, hanging more consumers out to dry.

Carrera has also risen from the ashes of bankrupcy not all that long ago. The industry needs standards, and needs to work together for the benefit of all. That way if and when there are company failures the hardware can still be utilized in the systems that remain.

In this particular case standards on IR frequency and data packets would provide Viasue with the stability it needed to build a system that would work on all digital systems. The time and effort they put it has a larger appeal, and probably would make sense

For interested Carrera digital users you can download Bruce's shareware for free and it has all the timing features you need, and will time and count laps for all 6 cars on a two lane track regardless of what lane they are in. It uses the Hardware in the Carrera track and there is nothing that needs to be added.
Nice concept but then you limit the range of products offered by the manufactures and stifles development. Don't forget mass production leads to the cheapest option to manufacturers, not necessarily the best technology available. Currently we have multi protocol products in the market that can run analogue and digital etc. So in a real world it can't work. And again the big 3 console manufacturers prove this with all 3 having different systems for the best part of 20 years with no arguments from the masses. Why should one company share their latest innovations with their opposition.


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