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Default RMS- Race Management Software

RMS - Race Management Software that works with wifi / radio / BT etc will be required
Very Small, low cost, light weight wifi / radio / BT Transmitters and Receivers will be required
The ability to run the cars id chip set off of track / car power
A wide range of frequencies and or ID chips like in RC cars and RC airplane but fit ho through the larger scales

BUT the key phrase and top dog in all of this is not so much hardware... which for the rich and famous is of no issue but for all the other considerations its all about the::

RMS that does more than simply show a digital display in a stand alone digital display hardware format for car 1 through however many cars....

A RMS , wifi or not, with id chips or not....does way more than just flash a time for your lap as with most stand alone digital offerings = display hardware etc ... that we have seen to date , including the other OEM's and software mentioned in this string....they will always fall short of what a PC running a RMS can do every single time .....they just dont have the flexibility or depth of function and services a true RMS offers....hence fall way short in substance and perhaps even accuracy and or reliability?? What good is it just yo know your fastest time for example or that you finished all the laps first and won the race ??

So our ideal is a wifi RMS sytsem that limits the amount of cables and hardware required, is plug and play 100% or as close as possible and of course can discriminate between each car to record data as accurate and reliable as our system in fact works great and powered by what we feel is the best RMS out there .....THE Plug and Play version of Race Coordinator and with Daves help and great efforts we both are dialing in on what is needed to do the above while maintaining our high takes time , money and R&D , then more time, money and R&D, ....thats the fun part right

And or is this subject fall under ::
Be careful of what you wish for because you may not be able to afford it.....
OR is that what OEM's are afraid of ??
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