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Agree totally on the proprietary thing. This thinking almost killed Apple. It was only when they opened up their architecture to others that their products took off.

I have stated this many times. Slot car manufactures need to come together on a basic digital system for the greater good of the hobby. Something that still allows manufacturer advances, but still allows basic compatiblity across the brands.

Hornby was or is in financial trouble. What happens if they pull the plug on digital. There are too many orphaned systems, and there will be more if the industry isn't careful. Orphaned systems do no one any good, and in fact can drive people away into something else.

DCC technology in Model Railroading was shared and as a result multiple manufactures can build locomotives that operate on my different systems.

For timing I use the VIASUE/RC system as well as my Carrera Digital System. This allows me to run timed race events in either Digital or Analog mode.

Hooking up the VIASUE hardware was a breeze, and it, with Race Coordinator, has been great.

Carrera Digital, with the fueling option and lane changing, is just at a different level than Analog racing. However for solo running, I use the analog set up 90% of the time.



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