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Default Nov 27,2016 - South Loop

Hi Guys,

What a Great Race! We had 7 drivers out to run for the WIN. Here is how it went down.......

H&R Street

Giancarlo - 324 72'
Ronnie - 317 44'
Achim - 314 4'
Sal - 309 75'
Dave - 305 38'
Steve - 291 6'
Glen - 254 71'

Fast Laps

Giancarlo - 7.162 (B)
Ronnie - 7.298 (R)
Achim - 7.219 (W)
Sal - 7.298 (B)
Dave - 7.537 (R)
Steve - 7.651 (R)
Glen - 7.513 (R)

Giancarlo got the WIN!!! I believe it is his first Win up here. Correct me if I am wrong GC. Well done and a great drive!

Achim was back out. We had not seen him in a long time. It was great to race you again Achim. There were a couple heats that our cars were super close........

This race was too much fun! The slower cars and the longer race distance made for a great format. Keep your car together and we will no doubt be running this class on the occasional Sunday.

Thanks to everyone that made the Inaugural H&R Canadian Street Car Nationals a event to remember.

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