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need help whit viasue lap counter cant get it to work cant get no help from viasue cant call her phone number wrong try geting support through email ounce a day joke please help any one in fourm can help thanks hope to her from some one ps hate to think i bought junk i just dont under stand i dont usally have promblems seting up software i have had a computer shop work on this for two hours an still could not get this to work HELP

Twanchese Our email is [email protected] and we are not on call 24 and 7 but we will get back to any email within 24 hrs much less when possible. As well weather permitting because we use Satlite Internet bad weather can limit or stop our internet access 100%...sorry about that possible issue but mountain men like us have put up with much worse a pesty lap timer trying to drive you and the PC shop nuts arrrrg.

We do not know what phone number you have been calling but it is not ours so please stop calling that poor person who ever it may be We also recall you mentioned in one of your emails the PC shop said you were missing some drivers?? The lap timer does not required drivers and if drivers are used it is for the race software not the lap timer, the lap timer is no more than a fancy "is it on or is it off switch"....OK

The software and or the drivers must be able to understand the hardware change you are making when using an adapter to USB or some other port type. Your PC must have the required True and Standard 2 row 25 pin printer port which you ordered and paid for. If we knew your plans to change the connection hardware we would have save you and the PC shop alot of trouble if you mentioned it. We would have told you, this would happen>>>> before getting an adapter to work. As well we tell you and others here in this forum and at our web site. We are very clear that changing connection types or use of adapters is not supported and in most if not all cases it will not work.

So to nail it one more time adapters to to any other port connection such as USB Port , SERIAL Port , or Com Port etc does not work and we do not support it nor does the vast majority of PC's, Windows or mother boards.

Twanchese We would like you to return the lap timer so we can make you a refund. You of course are free to persist in your attempt to do things the way you want or buy a used PC with the port connection type we provided you. Please understand the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We do not want to drive you or others crazy trying to help you change our connection type to one you want but will not work as you want it configured So please read and do the below:

Twanchese We stand behind our product and workmanship 100% Even though your issue is not related to those things Please Send the entire system back with Cd and we will make you a refund.....We will aslo refund the return shipping amount found on the package you send back.
***We require it be sent back USPS Priority Mail ....the same way we sent it to you....With Delivery Confirmation.

Sorry but our timer is not going to work for you the way you want it to I am sorry we could not tell you this sooner or point it out more than we have and by all of our other efforts here at SCI and other places on line

We have done all we can for you I am sorry it was not to your needs but we did try to make our selves available before any issues could have been created ....And Thank You for trying VIASUE's Lap Timer System with printer port connection !

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