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Default It's not going to work Twanchese

Originally Posted by Twanchese View Post
iam running windows xp i have parrallport with 25 pin male plug to female to usb the computer the computer reconises it when you plug in to computer it says found new hardware then told me installed ready to use but still i get no communcation from computer to seners ps i have port printer port on my go book 3 with 15 pin male or 15 pin female i could hook up to if i had 15 pin connecter to sensers would that work
Twanchese your effort to change the port hardware connection we provided you to any other connection type WILL NOT WORK please do not waist any more of your time with this effort!!

PLEASE RETURN THE LAP TIMER FOR A REFUND AS WE ASKED YOU TO DO IN OUR OTHER REPLIES. If you want to avoid delay or waver of this offer please act quickly on this offer of refund...OR If you like we can send you the directions for changing the connection on the lap timer BUT if you cut our connection off and make your own connection even with us providing the link to the how to info you, by our standards, you bought the unit, made changes to it and would void any chance of refund. Perhaps the pc shop can do the soldering for you and the required windows device manager or possible BIOS changes that might be required on your pc to get a game port (2 row 15 pin) or com port (2 row 9 pin) connection to work CONNECTED DIRECTLY WITHOUT ADAPTERS ETC.....

Trust me this PC hardware and software stuff drove me nuts long ago while building computers and servicing computers for NASA, ya that NASA, and now there is no going back...Im hooked on making slot car lap timers for great people and a great hobby...We wish things could be your way Twanchese ....but it is what it is ......and what it is is bad news....It aint GOING to WORK . EVEN if I was standing right next to you doing every thing you want me to do exactly the way you want me to do it.....the wiring we do for one plug is not the same wiring we do for another ...each one uses a different pin out and grounding system and quite frankly if you connect to a USB port it is possible for dc power to be sent back through the pc wires and into the sensors DAMAGING THEM....iF YOU HAVE NOT DAMAGED THE SENSORS BY UNINTENTIONALLY APPLYING POWER TO THEM ...The other really easy fix is buy an older USED desktop with Windows 2000 or 98 on it and a 2 row 25 pin printer port ....(XP IS A PIG THAT DOES NOT GET ALONG WITH OTHERS) follow the step by step set up directions we provide and you should be good to go.

Your complications are self created by not understanding or excepting your PC does not have the correct port connection for the lap timer you ordered. Please understand or price keeps in mind some help we may need to provide for set up ONLY we do not teach you how to use the race software and any learning curve you encounter ( in most peoples cases this includes set up) will have to be learned on your own by your own means and methods. I do wish things could be so much easier for everyone involved....not all things are black and white and you are in a very very dark gray area.

Thank You For Purchasing our lap timer but I think it is time you send it back for the refund we promised you even though your issues do not relate to quality, workmanship or function in the ways we intended the lap timer design of course. As well we do not want you to smash it to bits because it pushed you off the deep end.....

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