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Originally Posted by NicoRosberg. View Post
Whilst there is no downside in that many amps or jumpers, both are overkill.
Indeed in normal running conditions there is no downside to higher current power supplies. If a car only needs 2 amps in normal running conditions it only takes 2 amps even if the power supply can deliver 30+amps.

However, in the event of a fault such as a short circuit, the high amp power supply can put the full current (in this example 35 amps) into the short circuit which can cause damage. This risk can be overcome by putting a fuse or circuit breaker in the feed to each lane. This is common practice when high amp power supplies are used in the larger scales. For example if the cars don't need more than 3 amps a 3 amp fuse in each lane will do nicely.

(Another possible downside that just might be worth mentioning is the higher cost of a bigger power supply)
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