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Default timming issue

As well Rhondale has given good advice about the older boxes and we would like to add ONLY the oldest boxes like running win1.0 and prior to 95 came with true DOS installed on them. From 95 and up windows has had a windows version of DOS but it is not the pure form like the Original DOS PC's. Here is a link to slot race manager including how to use info :>) In DOS it is also possible to create a "HOT KEY" meaning after booting up to the c:\> simply press the key you built as the hot key ...say the "R" key one time, and it will bring up the .exe or any file the hot key is associated with...a novice pc tech could not do these things without help or old geeks like us.....but we are hardware guys and not software...

Back in the day when I was responsible to build, maintain, trouble shoot and using security software, wipe hard drives of ALL data and use physical methods to destroy NASA PC's. At NASA We had things set up and split down the middle. There was the PC hardware department and the PC software was quite often the software guys blamed issues on hardware or the hardware tech's and &/or the hardware techs would blame the software &/or software techs, of not getting it right...It may seem that an icon company like NASA would have guys that do hardware and software in one department but actually it was best to have the 2 individual departments..the truth is the best way to keep up with all of the rapidly changing things in the world of PC' must be split up because it is just to much for one individual to keep up with and still have a true understanding and handle on those changes by splitting them up via tech departments...

Sorry to stray or toot my own horn BUT the point is hardware needs software and software needs hardware....but as Tanware correctly brings up hardware can only do so much and usually only in specific predictable ways, most PC hardware is actually stupid / simplistic when compared to software...board level hardware engineers would strongly disagree....BUT...when you are getting....random results or weird results and or hardware is not performing correcly it is almost 99% of the time, software related, and this includes using complicated race software via a very complicated program called Windows of any version.....

Simply put the sensors in the track are like a wall switch and the light bridge is like your hand...with the light on the switch is in the on position with the light off the switch is in the off possition....the thing that understands that difference is the race software via windows permission to do so....just like your brain gives you hand permission / orders to turn the wall switch on or to turn the switch ...if your brain is not working your hand correctly there is little hope of getting the switch on or off...and most of all this does not mean the wall switch is broken, this is to say the hardware is not the brain or in control..the software and windows is. So if there is an issue with lets say how a hourse eats I would not blame the rear or *** end for not eating the food....I would be looking up the wrong tree &/or end so to speak

Just like with our our hardware it does not think or understand it can only see light or not causing it to switch or can not decide too or not decide to time laps or counting them....ONLY the software does...To say the sensor is not keeping accurate time or lap count is not only saying the wrong thing the wrong way but it is looking at the wrong end as the source of issue...only the software allowed by windows can count laps or keep time.

About DOS, the developer of LT2K says they have a version of lt2k that will work with DOS ....and there are other race programs that have been around a very long time and are worth trying as Rhondale kindly points out.As well his information about the autoexec.bat file is very true and accurate you can have a tech friend unless that is you :>) to build you the autoexec.bat file or build a .bat file that is placed with the autoexect.bat to go right into any .exe file and bring up the program and run it directly after booting up....For example, and for kicks, back in the old days, we would configure the autoexect.bat file to state at the cursor line the below direction :>).

C:\TO USE THIS PC PLEASE INSERT QUARTER > ....and laugh our butts off when a user would look for a quarter slot!!.....sorry I regress to "Geek Humor"

We thank Rhondale for the input and directions...keep in mind never ever use solvents on your track or track sensors....use hot water onto a dampened cotton cloth, like a T shirt is best....any scratch on the sensor "could" deviate light and therefore adversely effect the sensor reaction to light or the lack of it as it should. For a list of "never evers" please contact us via [email protected] support.

Sorry this post is so long...but it is informative :>)

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