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One clarification to my previous post. When I recommended using a DOS, Windows 95 or 98 computer to install DOS on to run SRM (or any other DOS lap counting software), I apparently was unclear as to the intent.

The recommendation to use a "DOS, Windows 95 or 98 computer" pertains only to the "Hardware". This era of computers have compatible processor speed, hard drive capacity, and usually has a 3-1/2" floppy disk installed, all of which makes them suitable as "DOS" machines.

My process for these machines is to start by wiping the hard drive using "Format C". This removes any files or existing operating system. I then turn off the computer, install a DOS boot disk, and turn the computer back on. Then proceed with the DOS installation. This results in a "pure DOS machine" fully compatible with SRM, regardless of the original computers operating sysem.

By wiping the hard drive you may also give the donor of the computer piece of mind that you're not trying to steel his files.

More than likely the true "DOS" operating system disk you'll find will be on 3-1/2" floppy disk, so you'll need a maching with one installed. Also when to download the SRM software use a computer with a floppy disk so you can save the file for transfer to your DOS machine. If your computer doesn't have a floppy disk you probably have a friend with a Windows ME or XP machine that still has a 3-1/2" floppy disk installed so you can download the software from the internet.

This works for me and the others I have provided the system to. There are certainly other ways to accomplish the desired result. "TRY EVERYTHING" until you find what you like, especially if it's free.
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