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Old 03-29-2016, 06:07 PM
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Default Saturday Racing At Ace - March 26, 2016

Magnet Racing Saturday March 26, 2016 at Yellow Dog Raceway.

We began the day with 14 racers for 3 classes of races.

Results are as follows:


Results were not printed and manual sheet was not complete.


1. Kevin - 74.00 Lap's
2. Ben - 71.65
3. Joe - 69.25
4. Tony - 69.10
5. Art - 68.25
6. Sal - 68.15
7. Bob - 67.05
8. Todd - 64.85
9. Brian - 63.90
10. Bailey - 63.70
11. Fritz - 63.55
12. Joe2 - 60.20
13. Charlie - 57.05
14. Nathan - 56.80


Yellow - 9.333 Sec's
White - 9.402
Blue - 9.486
Red - 9.599


1. Ben - 76.70 Lap's
2. Tony - 75.60
3. Joe - 74.25
4. Sal - 72.35
5. Kevin - 72.30
6. Art - 71.45
7. Bailey - 69.80
8. Fritz - 68.70
9. Brian - 68.40
10. Todd - 65.95
11. Charlie - 64.95
12. Bob - 64.70
13. Joe2 - 63.40
14. Nathan - 52.25


Yellow - Tony - 8.962 Sec's
White - Tony - 9.001
Blue - Tony - 8.909
Red - Ben - 9.077

A good afternoon for racing enjoyed by all.

A big THANKS goes out to NICK from SUPERTIRES for the RAFFLES.

And that's from all the racers.

Thanks to Ron for the track, the time, and also for his help for quick fixes on cars needing pit repairs during races.

Thanks also to those teching the cars and manning the computer.

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Old 04-17-2016, 04:48 PM
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Yellow Dog Speedway at Ace Hobby 3019 Niagara St. Niagara Falls, NY Phone 716 716-282-9753
April 16,2016. 3 minute heats for all races

F1 :
Kevin 79.35
Ben 79.35
Fritz 75.70
Sal 75.35
Art 73
Bob 72
John 66.70
Bailey 66.45

Fritz 77.70 FIRST win ever !!!
Kevin 77.45
Ben 75
Bob 73
Sal 72
Art 71
Bailey 68
John 67

Thanks Ron !


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Old 04-27-2016, 05:11 AM
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Super Tires is Celebrating Our 20 Year Anniversary

To all Super Tires supporters, racers, guests or tourists on S.C.I. just passing through.
Receive a free Super Tires 20 year anniversary decal and a Super Tires
race car decal sheet. (free shipping and handling anywhere in the world)

Super Tires is a proud sponsor of races at Ace Hobby Shop.
This is the hobby shop where Super Tires 1/32 scale
tires were first tested, the rest is history.
Ron, the owner of Ace Hobby Shop, gave Super Tires permission
to post our decal give-a-way to all readers on this thread.
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Old 05-02-2016, 08:02 PM
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This Saturday will be the 4 Car enduro race!!
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Old 10-23-2016, 05:33 AM
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Default Saturday, October 22, Racing

There is a New Magnet Racing Season starting at Ace Hobbies underway. Nick of "Super Tires" came and brought in Ron's latest order of Tires with him, along with his Step-Son and Grand Son to race Magnet cars. Nick made the offer of paying the first $15 off of the first car that anyone who bought a New Car at Ace on Saturday while he was there. THANK YOU NICK!!

First Magnet Race was Magnet GT's
was Gary with 70.70 laps
was Steve with 70.30 laps (with car barrowed from Gary)
was Bob with 67.50 laps
4th was Charlie with 63.85 laps
5th was Todd with 63.45 laps
6th was Gabby with 56.45 laps
7th was Kevin with 43 laps DNF

Fastest laps were:
Yellow - 9.372 seconds by Kevin
White - 9.274 seconds by Kevin
Blue - 9.314 seconds by Gary
Red - 9.459 seconds by Gary

2nd Race was Trans-Am's
was Steve with 69.80 laps
was Bob with 62.90 laps
was B.H.R. with 60.55 laps
4th was Todd with 58.70 laps
5th was Charlie with 56.35 laps

Fastest laps were all by Steve:
Yellow - 9.661 seconds
White - 9.647 seconds
Blue - 9.628 seconds
Red - 9.965 seconds

Steve "SABarnes"
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Old 10-26-2016, 07:12 AM
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bobbyraz49 bobbyraz49 is offline
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A great time indeed !
Thanks Nick and Ron.
WTG Steve on the posting !
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Old 03-14-2017, 09:03 AM
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SABarnes SABarnes is offline
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Default Saturday, March 11 Results

This Saturday was a Momentous one at Ace Hobbies. It was the day that the new HO track that Russ built in his basement was brought to Ace Hobbies. We need to thank Ron for providing the space for the new HO Track in the Back corner in the shop where he keeps most of the books and other reference materials. The following people were at Russ's that helped in moving the track up and out of Russ's basement: Russ, Alex, Marsh, Kevin, Troy and myself. The platform that the track was built on is 16 Feet long, 3 Feet wide on one end, 4 feet wide at the other end. After a couple of attempts to try to get the track out and discovering that it had to be different, we managed to just barely squeeze the track outside and onto Troy's 14 ft. bed trailer. The track was finally put wrapped with a tarp onto the trailer sticking out the front. Luckily the hitch on the trailer was far enough forward so that the track cleared Troy's SUV.

The new HO track is a 4 lane long Figure 8 configuration with Banked turns at each End. There are a couple of Esses at and just past the under-pass for the 8. Each lane is within an inch of length of each other. There is no track race information system on it yet, but the track is open for any one to practice on using the same controllers that are used on the big Yellow Dog Raceway in the other room. The track was soon being tested by everyone at Ace Hobbies at the time using some of Russ's HO Cars.

Nick of "SuperTires" was in attendance and soon offered to pay $15 toward the purchase of a new slot car on Saturday to anyone who there at that time. Thank you Nick! Nick then offered $25 in Ace Hobbies Credits to the winner of a drawing of the first 3 Finishers of the first race which was for Tans-Am cars. Thank You Again, Nick! Everyone else in that first race were given $10 in Ace Hobbies Credits. After the second race for GT cars was organized, Nick gave all the racers $10 in Ace Hobbies Credits. Thank You Once Again, Nick!

First Race was Trans-Am
was Kevin with 70.40 laps
was Steve with 66.70 laps
was Bobby Z with 66.05 laps
4th was Art with 65.15 laps
5th was Russ with 60.05 laps
6th was Charlie with 57.35 laps
7th was Todd 55.75 laps

There were no printouts for fastest laps in either race.

Second Race was GT's
was Art with 73.10 laps
was Bobby Z with 72.70 laps
was Steve with 69.90 laps
4th was Charlie with 68.00 laps
5th was Todd with 64.90 laps

Steve "SABarnes"
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