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Nylon compared to PETG and PLA

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  • Nylon compared to PETG and PLA

    Here's a new video I just came across that clearly shows the difference in printed materials. Very informative to actually see the differences between the 3 materials in real world use. This guy makes everything himself and is extremely talented!

  • #2 that looks like what I need to be using


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      You've got some mods ahead of you, then. ;-)
      I had a project that was looking like nylon would be the next step, and I started looking around. The cheapest nylon I could find was easily double or triple the cost of PLA, PETG, or ABS. Also, knowing how much of a pain it is about moisture and printing environment (enclosure), I really didn't want to go there yet. I still haven't tried it, as other solutions tested successfully.


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        Nylon would really mean a new machine for me but Prusa ASA is another option


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          I've received the hot end upgrade I need to print nylon on my Ender 3 Pro printer. But I have yet to install it. It cost me about US$60, which I felt was a reasonable price for the added capability.

          One thing I am not worrying about is the cost of filament. It is inconsequential on a per-part basis. It is the rare part where I'll have more than a buck invested in the material.

          'Course my parts are typically small and weigh only a few grams. If I were printing out foot-high vases and dragons I might feel differently.

          But the real cost of my printed parts is the time I invest in designing the parts, creating the gcode, baby-sitting the printer and cleaning up the finished parts. My time is not free. It costs money to keep me in whisky and corn flakes. If I charged out my time at my former professional hourly rate those little goodies would be very expensive!

          Ed Bianchi


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            Yep. And you'll be spending quite a bit more time at your printer until you get settings dialed in for Nylon.

            But you're right, in the end, the cost per unit of most of the things you're printing is pretty low, even with Nylon.


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              Ed your time is free to you.

              I don't really see a roll of nylon as being high cost if the printed components turn out much better as a consequence.


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                Another good point. If you're having to print replacements in other materials more often, then they're not saving you anything.


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                  Well I bit the bullet last night and a Qidi Tech X-Plus has been ordered, nylon capable, full enclosure and internal filament holder.


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                    Originally posted by Kevan View Post
                    Well I bit the bullet last night and a Qidi Tech X-Plus has been ordered, nylon capable, full enclosure and internal filament holder.
                    Sweet!! Keep us posted on the quality of prints compared to what you use now.

                    I'm waiting to get my hands on a Elegoo Saturn - hopefully around October or November