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Slot Car Winners Podium

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  • Slot Car Winners Podium

    Slot Car Winners Podium

    1/32 and 1/24 versions, suitable for single, MMU, or multi-part printing


    Both STL files have multiple bodies. The numbers are separate bodies, so can be printed as a multicolor model (such as with the MMU, Palette, et al), or split into objects and printed seperately. If you prefer debossed numbers, you can split into parts/object and just remove the numbers, leaving only the indentation as the marking. Or, you could split it into objects and then print the numbers in whatever other color(s) you want and glue them in. If your slicer can't split STLs into their component bodies, give PrusaSlicer (or SuperSlicer, Bambu Slicer, Orca Slicer) a try.

    The 132 podium is a single part with the numbers as separate bodies, and should fit on most “standard” size FFF printers such as the Prusa MK3, Creality Ender 3, etc.

    The 124 podium is a bit large for those printers, so each level is also a separate body, held together with dovetails. If your printer is not large enough for the whole thing as one piece, split it up and print each part separately, then assemble the completed parts. Same as with the 132 podium, the numbers can be removed or printed as MMU or separately in different colors.

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