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  • Auto Bed Leveling Upgrade

    I am thinking about upgrading my Creality Ender 3 Pro printer with an automatic bed leveler kit. Creality sells their own kit for about US$50. I consider that a reasonable price for the added function.

    What I am concerned about is -- possibly -- having to make changes to the firmware of the printer. I've never attempted to diddle with the firmware. I don't know what cabling I'd need. I suppose I'll have to hook up a laptop to do the download. I also suspect it will have to be a Windows machine. I have an old HP laptop, but it might still be running Windows XP.

    The alternative would be to cable my printer to my iMac desktop which runs Windows 10 in Parallels. Awkward but do-able.

    I'm making lots of suppositions here without really doing my homework. Can anybody give me a clue?

    Ed Bianchi

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    I've never had any issues connecting to a device via RS232 while in Parallels. I can't imagine a USB device not working - your mac connected via USB to the printer. Can you run Cura from Parallels is the question - I believe you initiate the FW update from there. You don't "diddle" with firmware - you load it or you don't. Follow the instructions step by step, it's really not that hard, you can do it.


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      I am already running the Creality version of Cura on my iMac in Parallels. No issues there.

      The patch cable I'll need isn't USB, but I think the Creality kit includes the needed cable.

      I'm comfortable with downloading and installing revised firmware. I was afraid it was all too likely I'd break something if I had to get into the code itself. Nightmares of PC's past.

      So rather than burn up billable time wondering what to do, I'll invest that US$50 and see if I can make it work. At worst I'll be out my investment. That is I hope that is the worst that can happen.

      I'll report back here once I have something to report.

      Ed Bianchi

      PS - I'd like to upgrade to the latest open-source version of Cura at some point. I understand the Creality version is old and limited. 'Nother project. I've got a million of 'em.
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        I would expect if you download a firmware that is labeled as adding that kit to an Ender 3, that you'll be just fine. It will need new firmware, but the changes are minor, and it's certainly been done a thousand times already. You should be able to download, install, and go. As long as you're starting with a fairly flat/level plate, you'll only have to adjust your z-offset for that perfect first layer. If everything is working, you shouldn't have to adjust it again, at least not by much. You might have to adjust it a little bit for perfection when you change filaments.


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