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Super G+ F1 3d printed bodies

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  • Super G+ F1 3d printed bodies

    After years of using stock Tomy Super G+ bodies we found ourselves breaking most of them, and geting hold of new ones was really expensive or even imposible where we are.
    So I decided to do something about it, and started at first replicating the old stock bodies, well to make the story short i have been working on this model for about 5 years, tinkering and making modifications. Untill finaly I ended up with something awesome.

    the firs versions where a bit wierd, with some errors. But they worked well.
    I printed them on a filament printer on 3 diferent materials. PLA, PETG, and TPU for a flexible and unbreakable body (my favorite) they where sturdy and held uo well, but the main problem was that the layer lines made painting them a big hassle, beacuse the finish would not be snooth. And the material witch was kind of anti paint lol.

    So basically i went to square one and redising the whole thing. bougth myself a resin 3d printer and went to work again.
    several thing happened. the qualiry of print was amazing, but the material was brittle, one crash and basically the body exploded like glass lol, but it was a good looking failure lol.

    So back to the formula, i had a beautiful body design witch took some time. And i had 3d printers. Well 2 kinds of 3d printers. I needed to find a resin that was rigid enough to hold its shape but flexible enough to wistand crashes.

    Well i found the formula, and wow do they look good, specialy when they are painted. So i went to work. I found out how to make my own water slide decals and well here are the results.
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    AurelioHuerta, I looked at all your pictures, and it is an impressive illustration of your development work! The only surprise was seeing the slightly higher weight (3.6 unpainted, compared to 2.1 painted on the plastic original), since the material does not look appreciably thicker than the original hard plastic; so, it must be material density. But if it is breakage-free, than you have a desirable product. Congratulations!


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      Speedhoppy, yes I know, in the way we race weight is not an issue, its more of control and trying to finish all 3 laps for each of the 8 heats. the original body is much thinner, and has some very good designed molding, I tried to replicate it as much as I could, but unfortunately I had to make some compromises to make the printed body more resistant. thicker and stronger front wing, thicker back wing and solid, it does not move like in the originals, also the angle on the 2 side walls I call them its thicker also I had to add some ribs for structure, all that ended in a 2 gram weight increase. I know this is a setback for some. still, the is a little room for improvement, maybe in the next iteration I'll manage to loose some weight and still keep the structural integrity of the model.