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Hammer Controller Problem

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  • Hammer Controller Problem

    I am having some trouble with my Hammer M controller - it won't work keeps showing a short circuit.
    Anyone out there using the Hammer M with a power supply other than the Avant Slot one? I have a 40amp 5-15v regulated power supply. I run on a wood track with copper tape.

    I have made a connector which connects the Avant Slot Controller up in the manner that I believe is correct based on the manual. White has + feed from the power supply - Red goes to the + side of the track and Black is the - (neg) feed from the power supply and then to the negative side of the track.

    When I connect the Hammer M to the track the green light comes on the display shows 1, 2 u then some other numbers which tells me 12v and the settings, I can press the buttons to change settings etc - I have a car on the track when I plug the controller in but when I pull the trigger to make the car go the controller cuts out and the short circuit symbol (square) appears on the display.

    I currently have a controller and 2 Parma controllers and they work fine. I have had friends use their controllers with out a problem so I am unsure where the short circuit has occurred.

    I was hoping there may be someone out there with some experience with this problem who would be able to offer suggestions I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

    I have contacted Avant Slot and they offered some suggestions which didn't fix the problem


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    Saw your post.

    I will reply in a while, sorry buried in another project right now.

    Back as soon as I can.

    But Color Code is correct for Commercial Controller hook up. So red is negative, white is power and black is to the track.

    Parma controllers will not be polarity sensitive, but a will which type do you have, which module?

    There are many threads on SCI about Track Wiring and polarity here is one of them :
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    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      What sort of connection do you have to the track?

      As an example, I have the earlier version Hammer. One of the tracks I race at has controller boxes you plug in to which also each contain a brake pot. If the brake pot on one of the boxes was set to anything other than full on the car would move an inch a second - but only with the Hammer, no other controllers seemed affected. As soon as the brake pot was put back to full, off went the car.

      None of the other boxes exhibited this behavior.


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        Red wire must be connected on most Electronic Controllers

        The red wire on an Electronic Controller usually completes the circuit and should be hooked up to a solid connection, maybe the pot is giving you a poor ground.

        When hooking up electronic controllers is is good advise to always hook up the red wire first, and make sure it is to the Red Terminal

        Make sure the polarity is correct when visiting a new track.

        Also on the Avant Slot make sure you have it set up for the correct polarity, it is one of the few Electronic controllers that can be set either positive or negative ground, but you have to change a wire inside the handle and program the controller to the correct polarity.
        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.



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          Thanks Alan and kv for the replies,

          I don't have any brake pots at the station. My controller has the blue high amp module
          my track is wired as Positive polarity going by the diagram in the link you posted Alan.

          I will experiment - Avant Slot suggested a problem with the Red Wire so I will investigate further

          I think I will make up a totally clean circuit on a piece of test track

          the mystery continues



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            I have seen issues with the Avant Slot wire

            I have seen the wire break inside the insulation on a few Avant Slot Controllers.

            I would make sure all your wires are in good condition, before going much further.
            Alan Smith
            SCI Owner.



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              Problem sorted thank you Alan

              The controller now works. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.

              A little confusion around the red wire but now it all works




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