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Question on Availability of Avant Slot Vehicles

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  • Question on Availability of Avant Slot Vehicles

    Will these items be available to purchase from a US Slot Car Supplier?

    1) Avant Slot Mirage #11 Le Mans Winner

    2) Red Bull Man Truck

    If yes then when? I know the #11 Mirage has been available in Europe.

    Thanks in advance

  • #2
    This question would be be answered by (Alan) since he imports that brand last I heard.
    I saw pictures of that redbull truck - I want !!


    • #3
      Yes I was hoping to hear from Alan.

      So Alan, what say you about the Avant Slot Red Bull Truck.

      I am also interested in the Truck Kit if you can get those.


      • #4
        I know that Alan is working flat out right now, this being the busiest time of year for his business both as a Distributor and Retailer of slot car products. Last time I checked, he hadn't even been online here for several days, which is unusual.

        My recommendation would be that you phone the store, they have a toll-free number and Scott will probably be able to answer your questions.


        • #5
          If anyone learns the status on either of these Avant slots, please post an update. Would love to purchase the Man truck for Christmas.


          • #6
            I think their distribution may be in a bit of a shambles right now.

            Might be smart just to use a Google Search to find the product, and see where it has ended up.


            • #7
              Scaleracing has been the Distributor for Avant Slot

              My Company has been the Distributor for Avant Slot for many years. Since they moved production back to Spain we have only imported one batch of cars, sadly not a lot of interest, and the prices were a lot higher than the China production.
              I wanted to continue with Avant Slot, they are good people trying hard in a difficult market to stay alive, but the order numbers and interest from Dealers has been almost zero.

              Hopefully I will see them when I visit the Nurnberg Toy Fair and see where their production is at that time.

              I am not importing any Avant Slot at this time so cannot help you with the cars you mention sorry.
              Alan Smith
              SCI Owner.



              • #8
                Ironically, for some of us this is kind of a circular cause and effect. We don't order Avant Slot cars because there are no races scheduled for them in our club, and our club is not scheduling any races with them because nobody has any. I'd like to get one of the Lotus Elise GT1s, but i'm not gonna buy one if i never get to race it.



                • #9
                  Buy it because you like it......


                  • #10
                    yeah, i know. But we don't run many run what you brung races. And when we do, several guys always pull out their moslers or an arrowslot and then it becomes a why did i bother moment. Not gonna buy a car i don't use. Got too many hobbies to buy shelf queens.


                    • #11
                      Back to topic, does anyone know when the Red Bull Truck is coming out.


                      • #12
                        What is a mosler or arrow slot?


                        • #13
                          This is the NSR Mosler (you can Google that for more info on the car), a well respected racing machine - all their cars are pretty impressive for their performance, actually.

                          This is an Arrow Slot, another car renowned for its race ability.


                          • #14
                            Ahhh...very cool. Thankyou


                            • #15
                              There is more to Arrow Slot.


                              The first 3 Saleen cars were in kit form. Rapid cars once built.

                              The latest is built, and painted, but still requires set up, something that many do not understand. But once set up an extremely rapid slot car here.

                              Also a very fast car, different design with an inline chassis but very capable once set up for your track.

                              Also available as a racing kit comes with a lot of parts to set up your way.
                              Alan Smith
                              SCI Owner.



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