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    Hmm, 1990's GT2's we could 'possibly' be expecting...Lotus Esprit, Honda NSX, Lister Storm GTL...


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      Part of production plans is, how many race decorations of a car were built. How popular will it be Worldwide.
      Will it help bring new people into the market. Did it win or have good Worldwide recognition.

      You can see from Fly 90's cars some sold very well, Porsches did extremely well. Venturi not so good.

      Also will it race well against the other current cars.

      Honda NSX, and other Japan market cars could be interesting, but will still need Worldwide appeal.

      Also as mentioned before it is not healthy to have multiple Manufacturers making the same cars.

      Scalextric and Carrera can get away with that because of Set Sales. But the replacement Car makers need to see strong sales to cover tooling costs.

      It also strengthens sales potential to have a focused Class Themed range. Cars that raced together in real racing.

      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.