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1/24 brm

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  • 1/24 brm

    This may cause a furor....anyways.
    Has anyone messed around with magnets and weights on BRM 1/24 cars for use on Carrera digital?

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    Most of the BRM cars come with a magnet, or capability to fit one.
    The Mini car Series does not. Nor do the latest Trans Am and Group 2 cars.
    The GTP or Group C cars have magnets, we still have good stock of the inline kit cars.
    The Classic Le Man and GT cars had magnets, when new are released they will probably lose that feature.

    Almost all of the BRM and ScaleRacing/BRM cars are now metal chassis and run great, once a softer BRM tire is fitted, without magnets.
    Here we race them stock, in the Mini Car / Trans Am classes even the rubber tires. We run GT and Classic Le Man with BRM sponge rear.
    Group C we run with either stock tires and magnets or Sponge Tires and no magnets.

    Contact us for more info.

    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.