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General layout ideas for Carrera Digital track

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  • General layout ideas for Carrera Digital track

    Looking for input for size and design for a LONG OVERDUE Digital track layout. The layout will be "semi-permanent" meaning that I want it up for at least a year, but possibly as long as 3 years. I don't think I want the same layout for the next 10+ years, but I admire the guys who've had their layout that long and still enjoy it.

    Like most of us I'll be driving alone 95% of the time, but definitely hope to host some races with my digital club when we get going again. I also have a few friends who will drop by from time to time for some laps. I like D124 most so when alone I'll probably be driving D124 cars at least 70% of the time. The club races 1/32, Scalextric primarily so we can use the DPR or other chip on my track. Will definitely have borders on all curves, and possibly on some straight sections too.

    The room I'm using is 21.5 X 15, it's insulated and in good condition so no chilly bones in the winter months. The area is basically a large rectangle; the bar area has a 8 inch overhang so that cut's the width down to 14.5 for around 4 feet of the room and the only items in the room now are a pool table and Foosball table, and I plan to use both as a base for the track. Mr Flippant designed my dream track a few years ago but the space isn't large enough for that layout. Here are some thing I'd like some advice with:

    1. Do you guys ever regret trying to go too small or too large?
    2. Any idea for how many lane changers to use based on track length? Maybe something like 1 LC per 25 feet of running track.
    3. How much room for people to share; this room doesn't have unlimited space like my garage.
    4. Do you guys enjoy using curve lane changers? At this point I only have 1 or 2.
    5. Do you guys use pace cars? If so does it really add to the fun? Any ideas of unique uses?
    6. And if using a pace car does having a dedicated pit for the pace car seem worth the effort, especially if it means sacrificing driving lanes?
    7. When racing it can be hard to reach cars if areas of the track is too wide, do you guys care about that?
    8. Scenery probably will be minimal, consisting of a few more slot cars, some Carrera garages, and maybe a couple 1/43 semi trucks.
    9. Any other thoughts???

    Picture of the room is attached, I think
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    Hey Carlos, I'll chime in on a couple questions with personal preferences...
    I run mainly D/124 too. Mostly stock motors and gears,run at 20-21v. I have a few with your RMS motors [run at much lower voltage Lol] for when I really feel the need for speed
    1. Hard to imagine too large... [possibly a straight that is to long, where cars reach top speed and still have a lot of room running flat out and it's hard to see them for the next curve]?
    My main straight is about 23', coming off of a 4/15 bank at almost full throttle, the cars reach full speed and still have ample room to slow for the upcoming curve. For me it's just right. To get the max length straight you can go diagonal instead of the outside edge of the table.
    I would prefer not to try to put too much track into too small of an area. Other than that, the beauty of plastic track is being able to change what you don't like.
    2. I have 3 single and 2 double LC's on a 125' track.
    3. Not exactly sure what you are asking here, but if you mean clearance around the track, I have 2' between the back wall and table edge where the main straight runs. I am 6'3" and 260 lbs and this is plenty of room for me.
    7. My table is almost 10' wide in one spot and I have gotten used to using grabbers. If it was really serious competitive racing like at a commercial track some racers would probably not like that, but our racing is more for fun,so it's not an issue.
    9. Other thoughts...
    a. I am spoiled on wireless controllers.
    b. Most of my curves are mixed radius, increasing or decreasing, and a couple have 1 banked piece [2/30 banked piece] in with flat pieces. The single banked pieces were previously 1/30, but have been changed to 2/30 because some cars would scrape.
    c. Larger radius curves [ a single 2/30 or larger piece] at the entrance to the curve are great, and stop a lot of the offs if going in a little to hot.
    d. Raising the outside of flat curves 1/2" to 1" makes a huge difference in drivability.

    e. Another thought... When running jumpers start them from the first track piece to the left or right of the CU instead of the CU, and when running jumpers to a LC attach to the track piece before the LC. This way the CU or LC can be removed without needing to mess with the jumpers.
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      Hi Randy, thanks!!
      "3. How much room for people to share; this room doesn't have unlimited space like my garage."

      That question was referring to the room size and the ability for people to move around, so you interpreted it correctly. Most of the time it will just be me in there but when we have group races it will be 5-10 guys. I don't think I want to design it with the idea that I have to accommodate 10 people since that; might account for 10 hours out of an entire year, and that's if I'm lucky. But I also want enough space for guys to move around if there are 3-5 people.

      You have fewer lane changers than I thought you'd like. Is that just because you like it that way?
      And I'm going to build a semi-permanent table to span and add the the area between the pool table and Foosball table, so ideally it would be nice to have a layout settled ahead of time. It wouldn't be a lot of fun tearing down the table if the layout Isn't much fun.

      Will definitely be using wireless controllers, and Bruce's HSSRMS software when we race. I like your idea about the curve variations, including raising the curves, I might even experiment with an off camber section just for fun.


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        Don't get caught hung up on standard tables. I designed mine purposely to not need grabbers (although Randy managed to find 1 spot) and use walkways to get to all areas of the track. Basically it's an "E". The drivers stations are on the left side of the pic and accommodates 4 drivers but additional drivers can be anywhere around the track without interfering line of sight except inside the "E". I know you've seen my track but here it is again.


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          Originally posted by carlosinseattle View Post
          You have fewer lane changers than I thought you'd like. Is that just because you like it that way?
          That's just the way it worked out with my track design. There is one,possibly two spots where I may add another LC. If Carrera comes out with a 2/30 or 3/30 LC, I would probably integrate one into my track somewhere. None of my turn complexes have a 1/60 as the first piece of the turn.
          The more opportunities there are to pass or maybe jump in front of and block other cars, the more fun it is.
          I think sometimes you need to run the track for a while to actually determine if an LC is in the right spot. Sometimes if there too many, they can be redundant.


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