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  • Rear Tail Lights

    I didn't want to hijack GT's thread so I started a new thread. On the 1/24 917's Carrera conveniently has left us a small recessed tray area on the back of the chassis. Perfect for setting a pair of lights in it. I just drilled a hole on the back lip. The LED sits perfectly on the tray sticking out the back. Just hot glue them to the tray. Run your wires to the chip and plug em in. There is a taillight plug on the chip. Easy peasy. It case anyone is wondering I got the lights off ebay. They are 3mm, 3v lights. I bought 100 of the white and 25 of the red. You wouldn't believe how many burnt out headlights (not so much tail lights though) I've replaced over the years not to mention adding lights to cars that didn't have them. Since they have gone to integrated light boards now replacing them will be a thing of the past.

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    Thanks for the post. I'm going to get some rectangular LEDs to try just to change up the tail light shapes.


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