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  • Originally posted by Frogman View Post
    Have I missed any other tools or products for truing?
    A hand held Bic disposable razor can be ideal for rounding off the shoulders. You don't even have to be a brain surgeon.


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      • Nail polish arrived, shipped in a 8x2 in box.


        • Everything came in on Friday, some back order tires remain. Took apart a 1/24 and determined I need a bench magnifying glass with a built in light. Being blind in one eye, it's difficult to see and work with small objects. Started a thread, but no feedback. Everyone must not use one!


          • I started a thread about “Which tire truer to buy?” This was also started to learn how to true tires and what tools were required. Most FNG’s like me only understand squeezing the trigger and watching their cars go around the track. Moving to upgrading their car, is a major step moving forward. To the old pros that man this forum, customizing their cars with truing tires, exchanging motors, removing magnets, replacing stock parts for custom parts is second nature.
            Asking question on the forum lead to dw5555 posting “BMW Tuning 3 Part” which he videoed what he does to a new car that he would purchase. He did another “PG Tires” in which he purchased Paul Gage tires which lead to additional info on tires.
            This is what I’ve learn so far, if I make a mistake, I’m sure one or more will slap my hand and correct me!
            How to determine what tire goes on what car is a learning monumental task. It’s not like taking your car to your local tire dealer and say, I want a Goodyear All Weather. There are different compounds: rubber, urethane, and silicone tires, all made by different companies. There is different tire hardness measured in Shore. Shore Hardness is a measure of the resistance a material has to indentation. There are different Shore Hardness scales for measuring the hardness of different materials (soft rubbers, rigid plastics, and super soft gels, for example). The Shore A scale is commonly used for softer materials while Shore D is used to measure more rigid materials. Both scales are used in our industry, but Shore D is usually reserved for extremely rigid products like hard hats or golf balls. Most rubber products are measured on the Shore A scale.
            Now, for me to keep it simple, it’s urethane Paul Gage tires, for REAR tires either hard (PGT series shore 40) or soft (XPG series shore 20). FRONT tires are still a mystery, I’ll talk about them later. The hard way is to determine which tire to use is determine the outer tire diameter x tread width x center rib in mm. The easier way is to use the tire finder at PG and shop your car. Or depending which dealer you use to buy your car, they have the replacement tire below in the accessory section. Again, learning curve at work and asking question on this forum. So, you purchase your tires, now what. How to true them?
            Most of the threads on this forum were 10-15 years old, not that their info has changed in that time. The truing machines have changed, and the old ones are not produced anymore. Some key factors to know before shopping, again knowledge learned along the way.
            1. Single or dual tire truing
            2. Plastic or steel axle
            3. Type of sanding plate and how it moves
            4. Power supply required and how to use it
            5. Spare belts
            6. Use molded plastic wheels or high end alloy
            7. Size of axle and pulley
            I decide to buy the CG Slotcars Modular Tire Machine CGTM01, I will provide feedback when I get it in and start truing tires. Only negative so far is it does not have a 3mm pulley for 1/24 car axles. I found one from Germany that is made for another tire truer. It’s ordered and on its way.
            Truing tires have some learned variables from the forum:
            1. True or clean your wheels before installing the new tires, use an emery board
            2. Put the unfinish sidewall of the PG tire on the inside
            3. Glue tires on before truing, keeps them from moving
            4. Take your time and take small amount off
            5. Round the tire edge with an emery board
            6. Front tires require a nail polish or super glue coating
            7. Replace sandpaper as require to remove tire surface
            To be continued!