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  • Smartrace for single racing

    Just curious if Smartrace app can make single racing any more interesting. If someone could elaborate with some detaIls would be great.
    I run 1/24 cars by myself with 3 or 4 ghost cars and just weave in and out of traffic. Can ghost cars laps count as individual laps so you are racing against 3 or 4 cars. I see the app is $12. Does this include add ons. Is there an annual fee. Thanks

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    The SmartRace app has brought great enjoyment to my Slot car hobby. I almost exclusively just race on my own at home with this app. Found out about it on this forum when researching whether to get a lap counter or position tower and found that this app does all that for me. I use it on a tablet and lean it up on a little homemade stand. It records each car (you can add a picture) and it’s history of laps and times and record in races. I think it’s fantastic. Whenever I turn on my set, I always turn on this app too! I make my own races of various length or time and take turns with each carrecording how the perform. It will keep the race history. You can race your ghost cars with it and can designate one ghost car (Carrera digital limitation) to also be recorded with lap times. A recent app update now allows you to select as many ghost cars as you are racing and the app will know to pick up every third beep if for example there are three ghost cars but only one will count. A lot of features with virtual safety cars and fuel, etc.
    In terms of cost, it’s a one time fee to get app and no additional fee to get all the standard usage. There are upgrades that cost more and a club but none of that is needed to get the standard features as described above.
    Definitely a thumbs up. I couldn’t see single racing without it.


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      Don't know a thing about it but it sounds like a good explanation. Well done.


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        The Smartrace app really changed how we race in the house. Typically I race alone with ghost cars.

        Before I installed DRS lane gates, I raced two ghost cars with the sensor taped over and one with lane changing. The app adds another layer of fun to the racing,especially when it's coming out of a nice speaker. The announcer announces fastest laps, weather changes, mechanicals, fuel levels and more.

        I don't know how big your track is, but the addition of Race Control to Smartrace connect is what really changes the racing for me. My CU is at the midpoint of my table which is 16 feet long, but the best view of the track is at the long end of the track ( and eight feet away from the CU).

        The Race Control feature on Smartrace Connect has a track call button which I find very helpful when trying to manage de-slots, lane change mishaps, and collisions (pre lane gates).

        For the price I definitely think it's worth it.


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          Ok thanks I will look into it


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