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Clean your tires Boyz!!!

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  • Clean your tires Boyz!!!

    My best video yet. I'm actually starting to feel comfortable.

    Cleaning Carrera Slot Car Tires - YouTube

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    Nice one Dave, it's definitely worth a watch


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      Great video Dave....Looking good......Thanks for the content. How about a weekly series featuring car maintenance, track maintenance, landscaping etc. Doing a great job. Have your person doing the video turn the phone sideways so we see full screen video.


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        Yeah, there oughta be some function built into cell phones that prevents them from shooting videos in portrait mode without a warning lol !

        Imagine if it was 100 years ago, and movie theaters were still a new concept. They would have needed many rows of seating to stack the audience on short rows so they could all see the movie ... except those pioneering cinematographers had the good sense to use landscape, pretty much.


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          Hey you're talkin to a guy that doesn't own a smart phone. (yes it's possible along with my $11 a month phone bill ) My wife only has one to use for facebook and knows nothing else. That being said video orientation noted.



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            Well Dave I.d say your years ahead of me when it comes to making videos, of course i don't have the luxury of having a camera person ;-) but I also hate video editing so i usually end up with a bunch of dead time in my videos which is never fun to watch. So i guess its time to invest a little time in the editing side of things if I want anyone to watch my stuff. well keep up the good work I always get something out of your videos.


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