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Great cars for racing with kids and newbies

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  • Great cars for racing with kids and newbies

    As you guys know, Carrera and all slot car manufacturers make some really nice looking cars. But sometimes it tough to see spoilers, mirrors and other parts get damaged and destroyed when racing and crashing. One of the best cars Carrera ever made was their "Carforce" line of cars. It dates back almost a decade but they were, and are, really nice cars for kids to drive. They have no "fiddly bits" to break or fall off and I think the bodies are made with thicker plastic. I'm bringing it up right now because there's one available on the auction site. it's not mine, but I saw it listed and there are guys who might not know about them. The NASCAR cot's are my other favorites when I know there's going to be some crashing.

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    Thanks for the tip. Hadn't heard of the Carforce line before...
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      My local shop has a couple of those carforce cars. I think they have been sitting in his shop for 5-6 years. Nobody is buying them... probably because they look so big and bulky and bizarre. I think he has boosted the price since getting them years ago. More good cars are the disney cars. Durable as all heck and really do a pretty good job of staying on the track at higher speeds.


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        On another note. All the cars are great to run on the digital track when you turn down the speed of the cars.

        Recently had some newbies over to race. Had them turned down to 10 on speed with Bruce's RMS. That was still way too fast. Cars were flying off on all the curves. So... dropped them down to 5. While there was the occasional deslot, the race was much more enjoyable AND my cars were being saved.

        My one buddy decided he was going to go buy his own car so not to destroy my cars. Will be interesting to see how cautious he is once he drops $50+ per car.


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          Ya know I do remember those cause I was going to get a couple. I thought the cop car was great. Never did though.


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