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    Originally posted by thatguy01 View Post
    Working on it, haven't cracked it

    Are you sure that you have 5 pieces of R2 curve. Just seems like a weird number.
    Good eye! Recounted and I actually have 3 unused R2 curves, for a total of 6 :-)


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      Here's one. It's laid out all with regular straight pieces. You can begin or end an overpass with a bridge piece plus two 1/4 straights to replace two regular straights. I recommend having a straight piece before and after each bridge piece so the car can be level when it reaches the next curve. A bridge piece directly connected to a curve tends to unrealistically upset the handling of a car when it transitions to or from the curve.

      14x6 overpass 5.gif

      14x6 overpass 5a.gif


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        Thank you! I will try it out this eve and report back tomorrow. Much appreciated!


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          I've actually decided to stick with your previous design for now. I bought some Paul Gage urethane tires for my Ford GT and its now earned the track record! That USED to be my least favorite car. So, the layout really flows nicely, even with 5 cars on it. My concern with your last design are the R1 corners, given I would like to run 6 cars occasionally and feel like that may cause some issues with pile ups.

          I also bought a 935, which runs smooth as silk, and a Capri 3100 which I love as it advertises Yashica Cameras, which was the first brand of digital camera I ever purchased - wish I never sold it! I used that camera to make stop motion videos inconspicuously in my cubicle while I worked at the bank around 2000. So, I had to have that car.

          here is the track with 5 cars and Hue Weather running:
          Attached Files


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            Have you tried running against pace cars, but you're driving a non-magnet car? Maybe you do already, but if not, this allows you to set the pace cars at a slower speed while still being a challenge. As a result, the r1 turns wouldn't be a big deal.

            Either way, the layout in your video looks good to me, so if you don't feel the need to change it, don't.


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              I hadn't considered racing against pace cars without a magnet! You're right - that would be fun. However, my vision is for my buddies to come up to the attic and race. Believe it or not, they don't even know what I've been doing in the attic. My goal to settle on a permanent track and then intro them to the hobby. But, and this is why I really appreciate this forum, you have me thinking...


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                I've found that newbies will learn whatever you give them. If you want them to learn non-mag, that's what they'll learn, especially if you are a good example of driving with real gravity traction. Giving them magnet cars doesn't mean they won't crash, it means when they do crash, the damage is more likely to be significant.
                Better to start with low power, non-mag cars, so that it's easier to keep them on while they learn to drive. Once they "get it" you can turn the power up to what you can handle (or maybe a little less).

                One thing I can almost guarantee, though... if you introduce them to the hobby with magnet cars, and that's how they learn to drive, then you'll have a much harder time getting the dedicated ones to try non-mag. They'll pull the trigger, and hate it because it doesn't rocket off and stop on a dime.

                This past Monday, EMSA's latest new member brought his adult son that he'd recently reconnected with. Early 20's kid, mostly a video gamer, never pulled the trigger on a slot car. He was plopped right down with MRslotcar cars on a routed track with copper tape and a Professor Motor 2 knob controller. By the end of the night, he was quite a bit better, and even beat his dad in one of the heats. I think people tend to underestimate new drivers and simply assume that magnets are best to start with. I do not hold that belief.

                More to think about. ;-)
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                  I have had my digital 1/24 set for a year now. I just took the middle mag out of a C7 vette with new tires and didn't notice a big difference in handling. Car is a blast to drive.


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