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    Having issues with a single lane changer, flipper not returning to closed position. Cars hitting flipper and derailing. Is there a fix or but another lane changer?

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    If they are stock Carrera cars, try adding a jumper right at the lane changer. This can happen if the LC is slightly down on power.

    If they are aftermarket cars/chips this can be caused if the LED is too far back from the guide.


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      The return is mechanical, so if it's flipping but not returning, you'll want to open it up and check for wear/tear/breakage/loose things.
      As Bruce mentioned, if it's not a stock Carrera car, the car's guide might be the problem, on top of normal wear and tear. See if you can change the guide for something deeper and thicker, like a wood guide.


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        Originally posted by MrFlippant View Post
        The return is mechanical, so if it's flipping but not returning, you'll want to open it up and check for wear/tear/breakage/loose things.
        It's not usually mechanical when the guide slams into the flipper. It could be, if the internal bits and the flipper itself have been bent badly, but it's usually caused by the LC not being able to draw enough power for the solenoid to fully open quickly enough.

        My advice was assuming the flipper is not opening quickly enough (far more common) rather than not closing all the way.

        If it really is a case of the flipper not closing all the way, your advice is far more likely to be helpful. Probably dirt and debris in the Rube Goldberg mousetrap pieces, or something badly bent. I've fiddled with the metal flippers on many of mine over the years- bending them one way or another to get them to open/close properly. Going on 14 years now, and I haven't had a lane changer failure (w/o some stupid help from me!) using 6+ LCs and a couple of pit lanes.


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          Ah, that makes sense. If he doesn't already have good power near all the lane changers, that's definitely his next track upgrade. ;-)


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            As usual good feedback. Have 6 doubles and two single lane changers, it's the only one not operating correctly. All carrera car with no modification. Will look at power distribution, but running 10 jumpers on a 120' track. All jumpers set at every 10 connection. Have equal distribution of power throughout , gauged with meter. Have had issues with this LC since installation, just a lazy flipper. Will double check all recommendation.


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              Originally posted by Frogman View Post
              , gauged with meter.
              Meters are great, but most can't really tell you the voltage when the track is under load. Still probably worth a jumper right at the lane changer, and a quick inspection of the inner bits.

              One other question: is the LC on a flat section of track? I've seen issues with some lane changers when not lying completely flat. Particularly when it's a side-to side change in elevation, rather than lengthwise.
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                My scenario, when I have that issue with a car, I change the guide to Frankenslot and problem solved. I realized when I converted other brands to digital, their guide was not deep enough and wide enough to trigger the mechanism just passed the changer to disengage the LC. By switching to a deeper and wider guide it solved my problem. Bruce solutions are also spot on. My suggestion before opening anything up, try my idea.


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                  Frogman, I'm not sure if this is the issue or not, but I initially had a similar issue when I opened up and set up my starter set on my floor. There were tiny pieces of packaging foam that broke apart and scattered all over the track pieces, and one of them had found its way into one of my lane changers and caused a problem until I was able to fish it out. I could be mistaken, but I had been reading your other thread at that time, and I may recall you saying how that foam had caused a problem as well. Could there be more tiny foam bits?



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                    Thank you all for your feedback.
                    Track is flat but elevated with support under all raised section.
                    Double LC 5 section in front with jumper, no jumper on single LC. (mostly the issue)
                    Not a guide issue, all 21 cars run the track without issue. All other single and double LC no issue.
                    Track is not new, has been clean buy vacuum and swiffer pads cut per this forum.

                    Will install a jumper in front of single lane changer and see if that solves the issue.


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                      I added a jumper in front of the SLC, no effect. LC does not always close after it's opened.
                      Question: Ghost cars change lanes using the DLC, not the SLC? I never see them change lanes using the SLC.
                      My good SLC opens and closes like all my DLC.
                      Power is good all around the track with one or 6 cars running.

                      What do you think is my issue?


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                        Do most of you change out your stock guides to the larger Frankenslot? My 132's seem to come out of the slots/grooves very easy?

                        What may cause ghost cars to slow down and speed up? I have constant/equal power throughout track, connections good, track cleaned, running 2-3 ghost car when running by myself. Brushes are clean and full.


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                          Do you use INOX MX3 as a rail cleaner and/or braid treatment?

                          The only LC I know works differently is the pit lane LC. Single or double lane changers should work the same.

                          The only reason to change guides to make them work better (IMHO) is from Scalextric guides to deeper ones. If stock Carrera guides aren't working, then I would expect something else is wrong.

                          Did you take that LC entry piece out and open it up to look for problems?


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                            [QUOTE][Did you take that LC entry piece out and open it up to look for problems?/QUOTE]

                            What does this mean?

                            [QUOTE][Do you use INOX MX3 as a rail cleaner and/or braid treatment?/QUOTE]

                            Rail yes, did not know to clean the braids also!


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                              I mean, remove the piece from your track.
                              Put it on a table/workbench.
                              Turn it over on it's top.
                              Remove the cover that holds in all the lane change parts.
                              Look inside to see if anything appears to be mis-aligned, broken, cracked, missing.... wrong.
                              Compare with a functioning LC if you've never done this before.
                              Open it up and look for problems.

                              You're using INOX, then, good. No need to use it on braids if the cars are all running nicely after cleaning the rails with it. But sometimes, if a car seems to be having problems that are otherwise not obvious, I'll put a drop on each braid to see if that helps.


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