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Alternative software for connecting a computer to Carrera digital tracks

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  • Hey Bruce, would it sound too weird if I said I Love You?? I don't care...I love what you've done for us!!! Your software is amazing, and that you do this all for the joy of accomplishment and sharing is remarkable! Thanks for doing the things you've been doing for the last decade with your software!


    • I had a user report to me that since upgrading to 2.304, they are getting a cryptic error message which just says: 'Apro exception'.

      The code that communicates with an arduino is causing this exception. If you are using that feature (I don't think anyone is!), I am working on improving it. I haven't seen this exact error, but the arduino decoder code just stops working after a bit, and I have had program lockups.

      If you are not using an arduino decoder circuit to turn all of your controllers into chaos buttons, there is no advantage to using 2.304 over the prior version- 2.226. The 2.226 update is still on the website. To backdate to 2.226, just download it, and copy the 2.226 version of the hssrms.exe file right over top of your installation. The older hssrms.exe file is all you need.



      • Bruce is back and there's gonna be trouble, Hey Na Hey Na Brucies back.


        • Hey Dave, you got pretty good rhythm..


          • I'm making good progress on fixing and improving the arduino code. Today I've had the program running on a live track for over an hour with the arduino code still working and no program errors. This is a mild test with (2) ghost cars, one rubber banded (actually, twist tied!) controller, and me driving one car. This weekend we'll do some race condition stress testing, and if all goes well, I may have something ready for public consumption by Christmas.


            • After a 2 year stint of no track use, things are back up and running. With that said, my last version of use was v2221. With my new track design and jumper wire installs the track is running great and I am updating to v2304.

              With that said... where in this thread should I start my catch up on reading of updates since v2221?




              • Not a *huge* number of changes. You will now have the ability to flash a car's lights when it's low on fuel (if you choose to do so) rather than empty.

                If you want to complete a very simple Arduino project, you can turn every one of your controller's into a track call switch (meaning releasing the throttle and holding the lane change button in for >.75 seconds will pop the start lights. As long as the car is not reported as in the pits)

                If you use the rotation feature, there's now an option for random rotations.

                Pressing the 'P' key during a race/practice will release/retrieve the pace car.
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                • Thanks for the summary Bruce... Appreciated.


                  • There is a new version (2.403) up on the website.

                    If you are using the arduino decoder to turn all of your controllers into track call devices, then I highly recommend you update to this version. It includes a new script for your arduino device as well as a new version of the software. I had experienced program lockups and drops in communication with the arduino using v2.304. This version has been run continuously for days on end w/o any failures. No lockups, no loss of communication.

                    It surprises me that so few people have taken advantage of the arduino decoder feature. It's about as simple an arduino project as you can get, and it transforms practice as well as races with the ability to pop the start lights right from your controller.

                    Even if you are not using the every_controller_a_ track_call_button feature, I still recommend you update to this version if you are using 2.304.

                    There is also one new feature, that will work with or without the arduino. If you raise the start lights to stop the cars on your track, this version will allow you to by-pass the long 5 LED countdown from the CU to restart the race. The program will give a brief, verbal countdown- 3..2..1..GO, and release the cars. There is also no chance of a false start using this feature. The countdown proceeds and the track goes live, even if you squeeze the throttle during the countdown. That's actually the main reason I added it- the long countdown and false starts can be frustrating when you just want to get back to racing. The start of a heat still uses the regular CU countdown, and false starts can still happen there (remember, if you are using an arduino decoder, the software will identify the false start car).

                    I have some ideas for some major new features- but I haven't decided yet which way I want to proceed. They will definitely require an arduino decoder (it's 2 resisters and a diode!), but depending how I proceed, they may require a more 'advanced' arduino project.
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                    • Hi Bruce, does your software run on Android? I bought a tablet for home automation and wante4d to see if I could use it for HSSRMS. I know I can use it when running my PC, but it looks like I can't use it instead of the PC, right??


                      • The software runs on Windows only. But you can use any device with a modern web browser as a driver display/radio.


                        • Thought so, just wishful thinking


                          • Bruce,

                            First time we are trying the penalty option under current track. When we assign a penalty, that car then displays PENDING. We have given a 2 lap grace period. When we go into the pit during the grace period for the minimum 5 seconds the pending does not leave. It appears that the pit is being treated as a normal pit stop as the car is able to refuel. After leaving the pit and going beyond the 2 lap grace period, the status then changes to In Penalty. Once entering the pit in In Penalty then the penalty can be cleared.

                            So.... going into pit during grace period PENDING does not clear the penalty. Only after being In Penalty can we clear the penalty.

                            Using 2304 CU 5337

                            Thanks for any insight you can give to solve the problem.


                            • I'll take a look tonight. You should be able to lift the penalty during the grace period as long as you don't refuel on that pit stop.

                              Also: recommend you download the 2.403 update. (not that it It has anything to do with your penalty situation)


                              • Originally posted by b.yingling View Post
                                I'll take a look tonight. You should be able to lift the penalty during the grace period as long as you don't refuel on that pit stop.

                                Also: recommend you download the 2.403 update. (not that it It has anything to do with your penalty situation)

                                Thanks for bringing to my attention 2.403. I missed that announcement. I did update last night and noticed the 3.2.1 countdown update. But, when I used it I was using with the Team Radio as I have been tinkering with that recently with my new layout. I only dabbled with Team Radio a couple years ago. So really trying to get into that now. I did notice in Team Radio that there was no sound of the count down through the radio. Should there be? I'll try the 3.2.1 count down without Team Radio to see if I am getting the audio.

                                As for the penalty issue. When Pending I understand I can remove the pending status with the keyboard. Is this what I am supposed to do when a car enters the pit in the pending state? Or, if I try to refuel in the pit while pending will the pending remain until I return to the pit?


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