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    I've started a YouTube channel for Carrera of America. As always I will post videos here but I thought it important to have all the Carrera videos in one place on YouTube. On that channel I've started to produce videos showing not only demo coverage but also some "how to" videos for the basic system functions.

    Also I wanted to add some other important links to this listing.

    Spart parts link:

    Facebook page:

    Official Carrera US page:

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    I already mentioned this on Facebook, but the how-to videos are handy to have available -- especially for the newbies to Carrera Digital.
    Let us know if you have a wishlist of videos to post. Maybe some of us can help produce them on our home tracks and send them your way.
    Thanks for doing this.


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      I've updated the YouTube channel with more videos... check 'em out when you get the chance.


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        More nice videos, Dave. Seeing that the start light will go over four lanes makes me wonder if Carrera will (next year?) bring out a secondary start/finish track to attach beside the control unit for true four-lane digital racing.

        Just wondering...


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          Originally posted by DrumPhil View Post
          More nice videos, Dave. Seeing that the start light will go over four lanes makes me wonder if Carrera will (next year?) bring out a secondary start/finish track to attach beside the control unit for true four-lane digital racing.

          Just wondering...
          Wouldn't surproise me if the future version of the lap counter (there's bound to be one- freeslotter even has mention of folks being told by Carrera that there will be one) is able to work along side the CU for lap timing. Possibly as a four lane or as a sectional timing device.


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            Dave -

            One (meant-to-be-helpful) criticism on the pit-lane adapter video. You make it sound like a old BB counts laps (when you say the old pit lane had no way to communicate with the BB). That's not really the issue, is it? The weakness of the old system was that the pit lane couldn't talk to the lap counter, instead.

            I wouldn't want someone to see that video and get the impression that the old BB counted laps.

            - J.T.


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              Yes, JT, you're correct, the old lap counter counted the laps, not the BB. It's hard to be exact with language on these video's but I'm doing my best. If I'm able to do a new cut of that video I will try to either remove that part or redo it. But I think it's a nuance that most people won't get honestly. Very few people actually get into how the pieces of the system actually communicate with each other as you and Bruce do... but I do appreciate you pointing this out. It's one of the things that made me a bit nervous about doing these videos in general I knew I'd put a foot wrong here or there not meaning to do so... .


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                Love the detailed explanations of the new system in these videos.

                Regarding the new fuel gauges, is it my understanding that one can purchase six of them so a driver can have their own display and not have to fidget w/ changing the car ID info everytime?

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                  That's correct Dave, you can (and probably should) have one for each driver using the system. And thanks it took quite a bit of time for me to do these video's by myself.


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                    Hello Dave,

                    I think you've been doing an excellent job on the video's and it does help show off the new components. There is a question/concern I have about the startlight. In all the pictures it shows it being used with just two lanes. I seem to recall that you could remove the two border pieces and use it across 4 lanes. When that is done are there any issues with the larger 1/24 scale cars? I don't have the new Startlight yet but it looks like clearance may be an issue on the outer lanes with some of the taller 1/24 cars like the big Hot Rod. I'll probably just be using it on a two lane track but I'm sure the question may come up.


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                      I will have to check. It is designed to be used across 4 lanes as you mentioned.

                      And thank you, I do appreciate it because I cannot express how much I hate hearing my own voice in those video's...ugh.


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                        Hello Robert I've answered that question on this thread I started. I didn't want to bury this topic in case it comes up again, I hope that's ok.



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                          Just a reminder that many basic questions for D132 and D124 can be answered if you view the videos on the Carrera YouTube channel.


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                            More links have been added to the first entry on this thread. I thought I'd add the major links on this thread to consolidate them in one place.


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                              You seem to really enjoy your job!

                              Did you ever find out what the "Cheater Oel" was that the Nuremburg club uses?


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