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    I understand that Carrera used to offer free of charge their own track designer program. But the designer is no longer available. I believe both Scalextric and SCX offer track designers free of charge. Do you know why Carrera pulled theirs and whether they will be offering one in the future?

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    Download SlotMan. The Carrera designer was a neutered version of SlotMan. It's giftware.

    If you type 'SlotMan' into a (U.S.) google search box and hit enter, it's the first link that shows up.
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      At this point I don't have a release date for new track design software.

      I'll provide the direct link here so it can be downloaded.


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        Originally posted by DaveKennedy View Post
        At this point I don't have a release date for new track design software.

        I'll provide the direct link here so it can be downloaded.
        Dont forget Macs...please


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          I down loaded the slotcarmanager. It's a great program and work very well. I all so have the Carrera Program. No 4 lane Carrera Go :-(

          •I need a planner for my new Carrera Go setup, So far these are the track peices I have

          •35 Straights 342 mm
          •12 Straights 114 mm
          •24 Curves 1/90°
          •4 Fly Over sections with supports
          •2 Connecting track section
          •2 Junction
          •12 High banked curves 1/45° I don't want to use these
          •2 Lane change sections
          So these are the track peaces I will be getting. I know I need to get the #2 curves. Could some one plan out a 4 lanes track ?

          I think Carrera makes the best track to date


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            austin, looking forward to seeing what you come up with, there is alot of track that will be in your mail box soon, so make sure and get some pics up!!


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     I use this program and it covers everything Carrera makes it has a trial before buy option but once you try it you'll buy it


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                If anybody has acess to autocad i have a 3D drawing for just about all the carrera track except high banks and digital chicanes. I can emil it to whomever wants it.


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                  Track Design Basics

                  I've decided on a Carrera Digital 132 set. I downloaded Ultimate Racer 3.0 and started to design a track, using the correct track library. Well, after more then a couple of hours I've discovered I think I'm missing some very basic knowledge. I'm very new at track design and I've been spending quite a while with my friend Google.

                  I am struggling mightily getting a track to work. By that I mean I can' seem to arrange the pieces in such a way to line up. I'll add straights, curves, etc. but when I get to the last piece invariably either the track is misaligned or there is no size piece to fit the remaining gap.

                  Seems I may have been asleep during the wrong classes in school

                  For example:

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                    Don't forget the 1/4 and 1/3 straights. A couple of those in the right spots should fix your problem.


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                      Here's something using just the track pieces you show in your image.

                      The small, offset gap at the top right will close when building the track. As Dave pointed out while I was posting- it isn't easy to get anything other than simple ovals and figure eights to join nicely w/o using some 1/4 and 1/3 straights.

                      I'd recommend starting with something that works, say, a design from a set or the Internet, and extending/shrinking it in different ways. You'll soon learn some of the tricks of designing with Carrera track.

                      I just realized you were using three lane changers in your picture. I only plotted two. Here it is with the third lane changer:

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                        Thanks guys. I started with the Digital 132 Ferrari set which is about 10.5'. Since I will have an 'L' shaped platform (the 'L' is rotated left 180 degrees in my picture), I chopped off the top and wanted to add a bank and then extend the track in the short leg of the 'L' and back.

                        As I thought about it last night, I wondered if once I laid the track out how much flexibility there would be to overcome the small offsets.

                        The concept of curves is one my brain is struggling with, i.e. the number slash degree, 1/30 or 1/60 or 3/15.


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                          I think of track design as a fun challenge like putting together a puzzle. LIke the guys have said, having some 1/3 and 1/4 straights on hand is pretty much a requirement -- especially when you start adding any curves other than R1. I try to picture which direction a section of track needs to move, and then look for a straight or angled spot where to insert a short straight will help close the gap. Sometimes it takes adding 1/4 one direction and 1/3 another direction to get it together. Or try replacing a 1/3 with a 1/4, or vice versa. Or replace a full straight with two shorts ... well, you get the picture.

                          Anyway, don't get frustrated -- just have fun with it!


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                            Thanks to everyones help and suggestions, I think I've finally got a handle on it. I built my tables yesterday.

                            Here is a version of a track I'm thinking of going with. I'm interested in any comments/concerns. I know I'm bumping right up against the edges of my tables.

                            The top left and right corners are 2/30 banks.

                            I'm looking to find a single 1/30 curve so I don't have to buy the full set, although if things go well, I may expand the track with a 5.5'x5.5 box at the bottom,
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                              Don't forget there's always some flex in the track to get those small corrections to line up. With Carrera track there's a bit less flex than others but often you will be able to coax the track into lining up.


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