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Pit stops old vs. new

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      Originally posted by b.yingling View Post


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        Good to know before I buy these accessories.


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          Can a car be programmed while on the pit lane?
          Still making plans for my routed D1XX track and it's something I've recently thought about. I'll be using the CU, pit lane adapter and a regular lane change for the pit entrance.



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              Ok, I have read all of this, helped a lot. I am using Bruce's RMS and upgrading to the new CU and getting a pit lane. Do I need more than one driver display? I see some have 4 or 6, why? I thought the driver display would detect the car(channel) that entered the pit and the fuel management would work for that car.


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                Do I even need a drivers display if I am using Bruce's RMS software?


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                  DD's are useful if you want a track side display of fuel levels at each driver's station. Each DD can display information for one car at a time. It has no effect on fuel management. It just displays the information given to it by the CU (which handles all of the fuel consumption calculations).
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                    Thanks Bruce, I don't really have drivers stations since I am using the 2.4gz wireless controllers, but I get the idea.


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                      Which Pit Stops with Black Boxes

                      I have both standard Black Box and a Pro X compatible Black Box.

                      What pit stop can be used with both of the black boxes?

                      Advantages/Disadvantages of each?



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                        TRU, the answer to your question is either one will work with both of your BB's.
                        The new pitstop #30356 is the same as the old #30346 except that the new pitstop includes the #30361 fuel sensor track[which can also be purchased separately and added to the old pitstop later ] instead of just a single lane pitstop extension track section.They both have the same footprint.
                        On your BB w/PRO-X function I am pretty sure you must have it in D/132 mode to use either of these pitstops.
                        As far as the function difference you will not see any unless you up grade to the #30352 CU.
                        So when you buy a pitstop just make sure it is either the #30346 or #30356 and NOT a PRO-X pitstop [long out of production] .
                        I am not sure of the part # for the PRO-X pitstop.

                        Dave's first post in this thread explains the function differences.



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                            Originally posted by b.yingling View Post
                            Also worth noting a couple of differences, if the adapter track is present in a control unit system. The car's will no longer flash their lights before needing fuel. Once they begin to flash, you are already out of fuel, and the car will stutter. When you enter the pit, the lights will stop flashing immediately.

                            So a new pit adapter and control unit combination cry out for driver displays and/or working software. The old system gave you information through the flashing of the car's lights. The new one does not tell you nearly as much, unless you have DDs or software. If you do, it tells you far more than the old system, since you can check the fuel level at any time.

                            EDIT TO REPHRASE:

                            If you have no DDs, and no software hooked to the track, recommend you leave the PLA (pit lane adapter) out of the track. Then the cars will flash their lights when they are low on fuel. Giving you warning before they run out. If a PLA is present in the track, the cars will not flash until they are empty.
                            I have a question regarding the use of the pit lane without DD's or software. I have the new CU and am awaiting arrival of the new Pit Lane, I currently do not have any DD's or software as I plan to eventually purchase the AppConnect and use a Tablet. I went ahead and purchased the Pit Lane for the time being as the price was too good to pass up on, but it may be some time before I add the AppConnect.

                            So, if I understand this, with the full Pit Lane unit in place, the cars will run, and only start flashing their lights and stuttering once out of fuel. If I remove the PLA (which I understand being the middle sensor section of the Pit Lane), the cars will then begin flashing when the the cars begin to get low on fuel. If that is accurate, then how does one go about refueling with the PLA having been removed?


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                              Originally posted by b.yingling View Post
                              Then the cars will flash their lights when they are low on fuel. Giving you warning before they run out.
                              I never run out of fuel but I thought once the cars lights flash that mean't you are out of fuel already.



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                                Originally posted by dw5555 View Post
                                I never run out of fuel but I thought once the cars lights flash that mean't you are out of fuel already.

                                With a CU and a pit lane adapter in the track- yes, that is true. The tracks with older pit lanes did not act that way. Even with a CU in the track, if no PLA was present, the fuel worked exactly like a Black Box system. The cars would flash when they got low- before they were empty. They stopped flashing when they were full. It was a way to warn drivers they were getting low back before DDs and on screen fuel existed.

                                Been a while since I tried this. The new CU firmware, newer pit lane chips, and new car chips (that's where the fuel calculations were done before the CU came along) may not behave that way anymore. I wouldn't guarantee it still being true. If it does still work this way- you enter the pit lane, you begin to refuel. Leave the pit lane, you stop refueling. It used to take about 8 seconds stopped to fill a tank. No idea if that is still true.
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